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How To Write The Most Romantic Love Letter

The medieval love stories always began with the beautiful and elaborate love letters. In the 19th century romantic novels also we come across the important role of love letters that were the only bridge of communication between two cupid-struck souls, torn apart by their cruel and scheming parents.

In a world, where free mixing between men and women was not socially acceptable, the love letters were the means to express the inner- most thoughts.

It has been rightly observed that love letters contain words that are often kept and the most often burnt.

In the age of short message or e-mail, the significance of love letters seems to have faded. But if you are a romantic at heart, you know the efficacy of love letter in letting the person know of every beats of your hearts.

But most of us fall short of words whenever we try to put the message of our hearts in black and white. But then we are only ordinary human beings, even the most gifted literalists found it difficult when it came to expressing their feeling to the person they so loved and desired.

Here we offer a few creative ideas you may want to incorporate into your love letter to make it more expressive and romantic.

Love letter gives you the platform for communicating your unspoken admiration for your beloved. So let your heart guide you while writing the letter; it may not read like one written by a professional writer. But do you know what is the greatest virtue of being original?

It will prove your sincerity and honesty and it will reflect your adoration for the person. While content may spring up from your heart, there are some basic rules you must abide by when writing a love letter; it will only add to the worth of your letter.

First of all presentation is an important aspect so far as making impression is concerned. If you just scribble down a few lines in a nondescript page torn from an exercise book, your letter will fail to stir up the emotion of the person you love.

On the contrary, if the page is smooth, in soft hues like light yellow or sky blue, and letters are written in a flowing style with black or brown fountain pen, the aesthetics of the whole presentation will definitely touch the heart of your beloved. 

The whole presentation should reflect your care and attention at the time of putting your words on the paper. It must be hand written by you to give it a personal touch.

Do not go for a typewritten letter even if your handwriting is not that good, a typewritten letter lacks the warmth of heart, it looks more like a business letter.

The content of the letter is very important. As said earlier, an original letter right from your heart is the most romantic love letter. Do not make it over crowded with the quotations of others or using the much used clich├ęd lines from popular love songs and poems.

It will make it sound artificial and question your sincerity. Why should you borrow from other words when you have so many things to let her know and so much to express to her?

After all, you are writing this letter to let her know your inner feelings that you think inadequate to be communicated orally.

So put down in simple language the important messages you want to convey emphasizing on these points as the reasons for falling in love, how the world changed for good after you fell in love, how complete he or she makes you feel, mention some of the special occasions when you have spent time together and so on. A spontaneous letter always bears greater appeal.

A love letter is meant to send across the message of your adoration to the concerned person. So it should have a respectful approach avoiding a casual tone. Then a romantic love letter should not involve any eroticism and should look real. A romantic love letter is one that reflects your vulnerability, not your overt desires.

You should start the letter with a hearty and endearing greeting, using the first name of the person. So far as the closing is concerned, always keep the tone upbeat and optimistic in the end. Never use such phrases that belittle you and your love such as You might be laughing at my craziness.

On the contrary in closing use the phrases to summarize your feeling in this way: Now that I have opened up my mind to you, I can have a good nights sleep filled with beautiful dreams about you. 

Also do not end the letter abruptly with the words like yours XYZ, instead use such words as yours ever, with love for you forever and likes.

Never afraid of expressing your true feeling by thinking the words sound childish or silly. Believe me, that special someone will cherish every word written in the letter and take it as a complement.

Before mailing revise the letter more than once to make sure that it contains all those things you mean to convey.

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