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Emotional Stability And Our “Feelings”

Emotions love to control our actions and reactions, even though we do not want them to dominate us. Society often sees emotions as a sign of weakness so people are used to setting their feelings aside to become more rational.

You will always have to deal with feelings no matter how logical and rational you become.

One of the vital facts in regards to emotions in contemporary society is the fact that even though we desire one another to live by reason we still must use our emotions as a healthy gauge for a total sense of well being.

Our emotions permit us to communicate with our humanness like no other sense that we enjoy. We laugh, cry, experience anger, and all of the other emotional feelings we use on an every day basis.

The point is if we listen to society and try to disengage ourselves from our feelings we are in more danger than if we live by our feelings.

The latter gives us an up and down yo-yo type life style, but on the other hand to disregard our feelings is disastrous.

Why disastrous? Because our feelings are like our nerve endings. They warn us of danger, or permit us to enjoy life to the fullest. Further, our feelings will be a check and balance to what is right and wrong.

Disregarding our emotional check and balance could permit is to do the unspeakable.

One will never enjoy life by avoiding his or her feelings. The Creator has given these wonderful feelings for a reason. Just because they get damaged in life is no reason to throw the baby out with the bath water, so to speak.

What is needed is to get healing where our emotions have been damaged and learn to feel all that there is to feel in life. Using all of our senses to live is real living.

There is great benefit in striving to live a balanced life, rather than be on the extreme in one direction or the other. Neither will lead to a totally healthy lifestyle.

Happiness is indeed, dependent on our total well being. Therefore, take a hard look at your emotional well being to see how you add up. If you are not sure ask someone who knows you. They may see your life a lot clearer than you do.

At times we may even need to talk with a counselor. Seeing a professional is not a sign of weakness. Actually, it is a sign of strength.

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