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How We Can Contribute To The Health Of Our Planet With Organic Gardening

Organic gardening is beginning to gain more and more consideration in matters concerning the health of our planet and our physical and mental well-being.

Due to the reduced content in polluting elements, organically grown food is becoming increasingly popular with local farm producers as well as individual residents who are starting to grow their own private organic fruit and vegetables.

All those gardens that use natural fertilizers, and avoid insecticides, pesticides, or other damaging chemicals can be considered as organic.

The soil is prepared and tilled with manure or compost made from leaves, grass, manure, and other natural elements in order to keep the soil clear from chemical impurities.

The vegetables and fruit are grown naturally using alternative methods to curb the damaging of the crop by insects or slugs.

The standard methods of producing fruit and vegetables are aimed at a mass production, which impoverishes the soil and the final product, as well as poisoning the land, atmosphere, and the people who consume the product.

Organic gardening respects the mineral and natural elements in the soil, by avoiding chemical pollution.

In organic gardening, a process of crop rotation is used for the land and the soil is nourished with organic compost, which is recycled into the earth, creating a well-balanced rotation process and the respect of plant and animal life.

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