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Increasing Website Traffic Using Quality Site Content

There’s a saying that’s common among website owners and internet marketers:

“Content is King.”

What that means in simple terms is that the best way to build long-term traffic to your websites is by offering unique, high-quality content that can’t be found elsewhere.

Quality content can help bring you traffic in a number of ways.

First, search engines love sites that offer lots and lots of quality content. One-page sites with nothing but links and no content don’t rank well in search engine results for long.

And your visitors are unlikely to return to your site if it doesn’t have any quality content.

People don’t use the internet to hear sales pitches or look at a bunch of sponsored links. They have a question they need to be answered or a problem they need to solve.

If you can give them what they’re looking for, they’ll return again in the future.

High-quality content is also likely to be mentioned and linked to from other websites and blogs.

What kind of content should I add to my site?

1. Informative articles should be the core of your content.
The more articles you can add to your site the better.
Each one gives you another chance to rank in the search engines, and free traffic is the best.

If you don’t have the time or skills to write your own article, you can outsource the work to others.

2. A blog makes a nice addition to any website. Blogs usually rank well in the search engines, and since they’re updated regularly, visitors will return again and again for updates.

3. Add audio or video to give your visitors something to do besides reading.

4. Surveys and polls add interactivity and keep your site fresh and interesting.

5. Message boards and forums let your visitors help create new content for you. Be prepared to spend some time moderating the discussions.

6. Add testimonials from satisfied customers. Just be sure you have permission to use them.

7. Archive each of your old newsletters as web pages.

8. If you have a merchant site, add some keyword-rich product descriptions.

9. Let your visitors add their own comments. Be sure to set up a SPAM blocker or your site will be full of jibberish and suspicious links.

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