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Invest Now In Las Vegas Real Estate!

Invest Now In Las Vegas Real Estate!

If you have been thinking about buying property in Las Vegas, don’t waste any more time thinking.

Real estate investments are a sensible choice for any investor and to invest in a popular place like Las Vegas can’t be wrong now or in the future.

Right now the median home price in Las Vegas is 310,000. That is down 2.5% year over year. It was inevitable to see some type of correction in THE hypermarket of the ’90s.

You can still make a killing out of your investment; if you get the timing right and you buy into the right area.

Property prices in Las Vegas are down and distress sales are on the rise as a number of players got into the speculation game late and are losing thousands a month.

Remember, in real estate, it’s not what you sell it for; it’s what you buy it for! Here are a few reasons why you should go ahead with your plans and invest in this market regardless of a downturn:

1. No state tax –

Nevada does not charge corporate or personal income tax. This fact alone is sometimes the difference between profit and loss and makes Nevada a hot market for that reason alone.

2. Limitless business opportunities –

The market is expanding for businesses in Las Vegas all the time. Realize that two major industries need to be supported in Las Vegas, gaming and housing.

3. Las Vegas weather –

Fantastic all year round. No hurricanes or real threats from earthquakes make this a fantastic choice.

4. Tourism –

Vegas will always be a favorite destination for tourists and business alike.

Understand that Las Vegas itself is a draw in that while Vegas will feel pressure from other areas coming online with gaming, not many are going to be able to compete with all of the things that make Vegas, Vegas. For that reason the market as a whole will continue to expand.

While current market conditions are weaker than a year ago, the exemption from state taxes alone is a big draw for individuals and businesses.

When looking at new markets to invest, there aren’t many that compare to Las Vegas in opportunities or attractions.

From gaming and entertainment to sight seeing and tax advantages you shouldn’t waste any more time. Time lost is money lost; it’s time to invest in Las Vegas, today!

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