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Is It Really Possible To Get Paid Just By Reading E-Mails?

I am sure that most times when you go on the Internet in search of extra revenue solutions you are met with the slogans earn up to 100 per day! or win money easily!

Although many of these offers are scams, for we would all be rich now if these statements were a reality, there is some truth in earning a steady income with e-mail reading, just be prepared to take time and read on and study the best way to approach this type of plan.

If you go about it correctly, PTR programs (Pay to Read) are an easy way to make an earning, for it does not take much effort or expertise on Internet marketing or SEO skills.

So how does this work? It is really quite straightforward; the Paid to Read Email program sites will send e-mails directly to a mail box you have created or through the actual site inbox, these may number up to fifty a day or as little as a few per week, depending on the site.

This is where you come in, by clicking on the links contained in these e-mails; each click and visit to a website will pay you a certain amount of money, according to the time you have spent on a particular website.

So you see, it is actually quite simple, though what you must be looking out for are scams. The only way you can check on these PTR programs is by doing some research work at the on start.

Initially, you will have to go into home business communities, forums and go through the site to see if they actually pay what they are promising.

Leaf through articles over the Internet and newsletters or even purchase some solid reading material on working at home online, these will help you get a clearer view of how this Internet marketing system works.

There are quite a few PTR programs you should stay clear from; these can be detected by the low ad rate, which will soon result in the closing of that particular PTR program.

Do not register for those programs, which promise more than one cent per click, for they could not possibly afford to pay you more for your time. Keep in mind that promises for big money soon result in a bigger waste of time!

Once you have chosen your PTR program you will then have to join a payment program in order to get your payments organized.

You may opt for Paypal or E-Gold, which are secure and easy to register with and are generally used by most PTR programs.

It is important to understand that if you do want to earn a fair amount through reading e-mails you will have to join more than one PTR program.

So get organized and create specific folders in your favorites and bookmark your programs in order to link on to them directly without wasting time.

Do not let these warnings discourage you, just bear in mind a little time and effort before you start will save you a lot of frustration and time wasted in the long run.

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