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Job Interview: Prepare And Perform

Before you get an interview call, remember to work hard on your job application, as it is the only tool you have at your disposal to clinch an interview call.

Make sure your application is targeted and focused towards the specific job. Once you get the call, you have to prepare yourself for the day and make yourself ready to nail the interview and secure your job.

For any interview to go good, you have to prepare well. You should start by researching extensively about the industry or sector you are tying to get in.

You should have a detailed knowledge about the company or organization which you plan to join.

For this, you have to go through the company’s annual reports and also through recent newspaper articles. You can also surf the net to get some relevant information.

On the morning of the interview, check the newspaper and the web for any last minute information. You should never be caught unaware about some late developments.

Many people are unsure about how to dress for the interview. The general idea is to dress according to the job you are being interviewed for.

Your dress code should not be in accordance to what you were doing in your last job. Don’t forget to shave and trim your nails. And always iron your clothes, whatever you may be wearing.

Never be late for an interview. Leave home with some time to spare. You should ideally be there about 10-15 minutes before you have been asked to report.

If possible, avoid driving to the interview. Stay relaxed, but focused.

Once you have reported for the interview, make sure you have switched off all your communication devices like the mobile or the pager you carry.

You wouldn’t want your interviewer to be disturbed by your cell phone ringing right in the middle of the interview.

Before being just called into the room for your interview, take a few deep breaths to calm your nerves.

You will now be ready to go in without too much of an anxiety. Always knock on the door before you enter.

If the interviewers offer their hands for a handshake, shake their hands firmly and look them in their eyes, but make sure its not too strong a glance.

And of course wish them pleasantly. However you don’t have to present a beaming smile.

You got to remember the first 3-4 minutes are crucial for any interview and it is by then that the interviewers have already decided whether to take someone or not.

While answering to their questions, do so, confidently and firmly. Deliver your words steadily and clearly. Don’t try and rush through. Mumbling is a strict no-no.

Your answers should not be too short or too long. Try and stay away from answering in a word or two. Also don’t use it as a pulpit to deliver your sermon. Be moderate.

Normally, the first question starts with a general one asking you to introduce yourself. Remember to prepare for such general questions beforehand, so that you don’t get stuck during the interview.

Keep in mind your body language, which should be positive but not aggressive.

For more technical questions related to your job, your performance would depend on how much you actually know.

You can always guess such questions before the interview. Prepare for them too. If you don’t know any answer, then say so. Avoid talking non-sense. And by no means should you lie.

At the end of the interview, you may be asked if you have any questions. The same rule applies here to.

Go prepared with a question or two that suits the job and the company’s profile. Stick to questions which are not too intrusive about company policies.

You can ask question regarding your growth opportunities or how does the company plan to diversify. See to it that your interviewer won’t have a problem answering your queries.

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