Latest In The Surface Technology – A Brief Synopsis


Proper surface treatment is essential for the appearance as well as the durability and functionality of a product.

There have been some big innovations in the surface treating industry in recent years. In the perspective of today’s global competition, the surface technology innovations provide the manufacturing companies great ways for improving their processes and products and add more value to them.

Plasma Systems

The most path breaking trends have been observed in the fields of Plasma Systems. It involves an advanced coatings and surface technology based on the latest innovations and researches in variety of materials and processes.

The plasma surface treatment is a solution for rendering the surface of any substance added value. The product becomes more useful and more durable. It contributes to the cost effectiveness of the product.

To be effective, a plasma surface treatment must be consistent in its performance. It should also maintain uniformity in the process of treatment.

This surface treatment solution is dependent on a range of other related technologies, namely the surface modification technologies, coating techniques and contact angle measuring technologies.

In general, the plasma treatment consistency and effectiveness are conditioned by the following features: electrode configuration, ease of operation control, MFC gas input and mixing and an efficient gas plasma generation.

The application of latest surface technology in the health care sector

The latest findings in the surface technology have revolutionized the quality of health care. The design and quality of such medical equipment as catheters, guide wires and stents have been greatly improved due to the cutting edge innovations in the surface technology.

Previously these devices used to be made of unprocessed materials. As such the insertion of such devices often led to several types pf complications such as bacterial infection, blood clots, and tissue trauma.

The solution lies in the proper coating of these devices without interfering in the device’s overall material properties. The advanced surface treatment solutions have made it possible.

As for example, it is not uncommon today to find out the catheters with lubricious coatings in the medical device market.

This minimizes the risks of tissue trauma. In fact the recent trend in the surface technology involves the innovation of such medical products that add therapeutic benefits to the medical devices.

And the demand for these value added treatments are very high among the medical device manufacturing companies as compared to those ordinary products.

This trend is most evident from the enthusiasm among the medical professionals surrounding one soon-to-be-released product.

The product is nothing but metal stent coated with anti-restenotic coatings that prevent blood vessel re-closure following angioplasty.

Environment friendly features The latest trend in surface technology involves a great reliance on the environmentally friendly materials and processes.

Most of the commercially available surface technologies today use organic solvents and UV curing techniques in the process.

The formulation must have two major components; first to substrate materials and second to impart desirable characteristics to a surface.

The formulations may vary from dry to water based. In general most of them involve safe and solvent-free processing.