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Listen Up Men What Women Like And What They Don’t!

Men, if you think you’ve got what it takes to turn the heads of the ladies, you may be mistaken! Likewise, fellas, you may indeed have what women want! A survey was taken of a group of women, ages 29-50, and listed below are some of their likes and dislikes when it comes to the male species!

When asked the question What is the first thing you notice when you see or meet a man? some of the responses included:

Probably his eyes – “the windows to the soul”; then his butt, for sure!

I like bigger guys. But I also notice white shirts and if a guy is a clean cut.

Visually, his height/build (I like ’em big) Personality-wise, intelligence, and sense of humor rank high with me.

I always notice the eyes and overall cleanliness first. He doesn’t have to be in a three-piece suit but just clean, not stinky, or wearing holey clothes. A great smile doesn’t hurt either 🙂

Left ring finger, teeth and smell and in that order. If I see a man is married, I rarely give him a second glance. If he’s single I look at his mouth to see if he has straight teeth (I had braces at 40 years old, so I guess I expect straight teeth from grown men) and finally his scent. I absolutely adore the smell of cologne on a man.

Well, the first things I usually notice are his eyes and sense of humor. Then if he was someone I was dating, I observe how he treats his mother.

OK don’t laugh, but I guess I noticed teeth because I was a dental assistant when I met my husband. Oh ya, I also tried to check out his “package” but it was very hard to tell if anything was there!

His smile and physique.

Conversely, there are some things about a man that are an instant turn off to the gals.

Long hair, bad breath, body odor, “wimpy” or fem appearance.

Generally any kind of unkempt appearance.

No little tiny ones, short in height that is, I’m afraid I’ll have to pass by those gents who are vertically challenged.

Fuzzy sweater teeth and scuffed up, unpolished shoes.
Dirty hands, dirty nails.

I hate dirty ears. If the guy has earwax, I will notice immediately and it makes me gag! I would never be able to date someone who doesn’t clean his ears regularly.

Long fingernails and dirty/too long/unkempt hair.

Looking at my body instead of my face. Use of vulgar or profane language. Intoxication or drug usage. Evidence of poor personal care habits.

So there you go, men. The women have spoken. Basically, if you smile and don’t stink, you have an in. Conversely, if your personal hygiene leaves much to be desired, you can forget it. Now go wash your hands, get a haircut, use a q-tip, brush your teeth and smile

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