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Luxurious Summer Vacation Spots

We a-re going on a summer holiday! Cliff Richards song goes like this. But where? You have saved up enough dough this summer, enough for indulging in a really king-size holiday, and are still considering your options. What would make all the money spent worthwhile, and make enduring memories to last for a long, long time?

Near home, you may already know that Disney World’s top resorts are wonderful spaces for kids to unwind, play and imagine (keeping them occupied so that you have your own space), offering them their own clubs and spas.

But it is also good to know that places such as Animal Kingdom Lodge and Grand Floridian also have Concierge rooms at your service, complete with a suite on a separate floor or a separate wing (thus ensuring peace and quiet) and a special lounge for guests and visitors.

You are waited upon by competent concierge staff that takes care of every little need. You can opt for such a retreat if you so desire.

A more adventurous way of spending a grand summer vacation would be to opt for escorted tours to beautiful places with your family, in a small group. In exchange for your money, they take you to all kinds of destinations, handling all the details of food, lodging, your personal safety and adventure!

You could go to Venice, see how grapes are crushed to make that delectable goblet of wine, see how a Venetian mask is made, and explore the rich artistic traditions of the place with an experienced guide.

Or go to the Caribbean. Air Jamaica, for instance, has luxurious packages for many destinations in the Caribbean. Resorts such as Half Moon Bay Resort, and the Ritz- Carlton Golf and Spa Resort welcome kids. Then there is the 1,400 acre Mustique island, a truly luxurious getaway, truly the stuff that dreams are made of.

Or go experience the wonders of India, the land of the Taj Mahal and the Himalayan Mountains. Choose a beautiful resort in the mountains and experience the tranquility that you crave in the break neck schedule of your general existence.

Or choose a resort in the desert of Rajasthan and feel its quaint yet gritty flavor. Visit the backwaters of Tamilnadu or stay at paradise-upon-earth, Kashmir.

On a totally different note, choose something nearer home like The Atheneum in London, in its prime location on Piccadilly, with its scones and cream or its fabled whisky, whatever your taste may be.

You could also choose the beautiful Hawaii islands, and stay in private luxury-filled accommodations and taste special cuisine designed to look after your health and fitness, as it is to delight the taste buds.

In the Pure Kauai space, however, there are villas with kitchens and bathrooms, pools and Jacuzzis, personal chefs and more. All designed to give you an experience of a lifetime, with activities such as Tide Pool exploring and Mountain Tubing.

There is so much to choose from, and you are spoilt for choice. You’ve definitely got a few ideas in mind now. So, don’t wait. Close your eyes. Go ahead. Choose the most viable option for yourself. And make memories to last a lifetime.

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