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Affordable Summer Vacation Spots

Vacation means the time to have unlimited fun in the company of your family and friends. It also means relaxation and rejuvenation.

But if you have to break the bank to get an enjoyable holiday, then all the funs get lost halfway.

In fact, for many vacationers in the USA, the aspect of affordability becomes the first criteria while planning for a family vacation.

Meaning of affordability varies from person to person. But generally, for most of the American families, a resort that costs more than 350 per night seems to be too exorbitant.

The parents traveling with kids are in particular need for a comfortable place to stay, which offers the basic amenities for children.

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To meet with the strict budget restraints, many of them have to remain content with inexpensive hotels where they are unable to find any kid-friendly amenities.

If you are a parent whose choices are restricted because of the budgetary constraints, do not get over stressed, just relax.

Because you can easily solve the problem if you take the assistance of the travel agents who can help you to find out reasonably priced family resorts which are spread all across the USA.

An expert travel agent can also help you to strike the best deal in vacation packages offered by some of the best resorts of the continent.

An ideal vacation for average US tourists means a combination of fun and comfort.

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This implies spending time in a resort, where all the members of the family, comprising various age groups may find some activities of interest, enough funds to excite the kids so that the parents can be left to themselves for quiet relaxation.

It should be topped with a warm homely atmosphere and friendly services.

A proximity to Disneyland will be an added advantage, as for most of the American vacationers; a trip to Disneyland means the best way of unwinding.

Most of the American tourists however, are not ready to pay more than 350 for all these facilities.

Disneyland is unarguably the most lovable destination in the whole world for spending an exciting family vacation.

It is the place where the people of all age groups will find activities to interest them.

But the vacationers on budget often have to strike out Disneyland from their option list, considering the expenses of lodging out there.

But contrary to the common idea that you cannot find any affordable staying option near Disneyland, there are indeed some resorts, which can act as your gateway to Disneyland, at the same time taking care of the size of your pocket.

 Among the few affordable resorts in Disneyland, the All Star Music Resort is famous for its unique theme based decoration.

Based on the theme of music, every corner of this resort is dedicated to different genres of music.

You can choose from old Broadway melodies or the tuneful country songs or can simply rock it out with the jazz and rock.

You might have the experience of splashing it out in the resort swimming pools before. But the novelty of the two pools in this resort is that the pools are created as a piano and a guitar that your kids will be delighted to see.

There are also the arcade and playground, where the kids can have unlimited fun. The parents with infant children can enjoy some relaxed moments with each other, as this 2000-room resort provides you with good quality baby-sitting service.

Here you can have the facility of attaching two more extra beds to a standard four-bedded guestroom.

A scrumptious multi- cuisine mall style food court takes care of your gastronomic aspirations. And all these you get only for as little as just over 100 per night.

Thus you can see, you get the services in All Star, that are more like those of a five star resort, but at a cost, that is more like a budget resort.

To make the deal more lucrative, you can pick up from one of its many vacation special packages.

 After Disneyland, the next famous family vacation spot is the Rocky Mountains summer vacation.

It is an ideal place for the nature lovers who would like to get lost in the romantic expanse of Rocky Mountains.

The YMCA of the Rockies, Colorado, act as the tour operator for arranging budget vacations over here.

Snow Mountain Ranch and Estes Park Center provide the most economic staying option in this region.

As these resorts are open to all guests, you have to make reservations and sort out the matters relating to discounts in advance.

The resort provides two types of lodgings; cabins and lodge rooms. The Cabins come complete with a fireplace and a fully equipped kitchen, in addition to bedrooms that vary in numbers from two to five.

The cabin rents start from 138/night. Lodge rooms which are available for a modest 64 during off-peak times, are comfortable, though not luxurious. These rooms comprise of two queen beds along with a few bunk beds.

Exploring the beauty of alluring Rocky Mountain is probably the best pastime in this region of the world.

But for the young children, this may turn out to be boring. So you can pack them off to any of the summer children’s programs, meant for the children between the age group of three to sixteen.

The programs include hiking, roller-skating, arts and crafts, hayrides, archery, cooking and many more. You can choose any of these programs depending on the age of your child.

In addition to the two above-mentioned resorts, there are many more affordable spots, where you can spend the summer vacation with your family and friends.

These groups of resorts however give emphasize more on the merits of warm and homely environment than the luxurious doing up of the rooms.

In addition to the budget hotels, there are many more ways to cut down on your travel expenses. Begin with the selection of appropriate time.

Choose a place as your vacation destination, where you will get the off-season discounts.

It will give you a chain of cost cuts starting from the flight discounts to discounted car rentals, and vacation special packages.

To get the necessary information, search the Internet and do some research; this is the foundation for efficient travel planning.

If the task seems to be too tough, take the help of a professional travel planner as the last resort. 

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