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Make Money Easy With Your Own DVD!

Making and marketing your own DVD. Does that sound like a viable business? Well, let us see…

You shoot some videotape and have it transferred to a blank DVD. Just a few bucks spent for a one time expense.

From there you can have the DVD duplicated with four-color printing on it and have it in four-color printed packaging which makes it look very professional for just a couple dollars each, but that’s just if you want to be fancy about it by using photographs.

Otherwise, two-color printing will work just fine.

Now your DVDs are ready to sell. From just over a dollar’s worth cost for production when you use two-color printing, you can mark up your product as you see fit.

Charge 97.00 or 149.00 a copy, over and over again. Or produce a set of DVD’s and charge 495.00! Does not take much math skills to figure out why people are becoming rich doing this!

The way to make a valuable DVD is to have it show and tell how to do something people want to do, or how to have something people want to have.

You can come up with some ideas if you reach into your experience of things you have learned or discovered how to do.

This is the information age and if you put out the information, people are going to buy it up because they are hungry to know everything.

Truth is that if you are currently selling printed how-to material, you can command a much higher price to provide that information in DVD format. Sell them your knowledge on a DVD.

Of course, you will need some equipment to make your DVD. You can be up and running without a big budget.

A tripod holding a digital camcorder than can connect directly to your computer so that you can use video editing software and a good microphone so you can be heard clearly is what it comes down to.

Having a remote control on your camcorder could even make video editing unnecessary since what really counts in DVDs is the information contained in the DVD and not how pretty the presentation is. What really makes winners is down and dirty content.

A good place to get content from which to produce a DVD that you can call your own isĀ http://www.infogoround.com/home.html.

In fact, there is so much there covering the most popular niche markets that you can give yourself the reputation of being an expert! InfoGoRound has hundreds of top quality, private label articles for the taking!

Converting some of the many information products found at InfoGoRound to DVD is the fast track to being a ‘how-to‘ author able to effortlessly bring in the easy money.

You will have so much content to work with that you should even use some of the videos you make to put up on a website. Showing free video samples on your website is sure to drive traffic and skyrocket DVD sales.

Are you ready to do this and join the ranks of the Millionaire Internet Marketers? There are a couple of those marketers who amazingly enough have separate website videos in the same spacious white room with huge decorative windows.

Assuming they don’t live in the same mansion, you might think they are filming in the same studio. If you think that then you would be wrong.

You can make your video look like it was done at a beautiful gorgeous place no matter what the surroundings you currently have.

To set up your own amazing studio, get some florescent lights as they provide lighting without much extra heat or shadows, and set up a screen for your background.

Put a light on each side of the camera pointing toward the screen. You will want to experiment in order to get the lights placed just right.

Now you have a clutter-free background by using a screen, which could just be a sheet or curtain placed up.

The secret to having any type of background you want however is to invest in a chroma key green or blue screen.

Also, get and learn how to use video editing software that has chroma key effect. What chroma key effect does is replace the colored background with any type of background you want… even an image of the inside of a mansion! It is definitely a way to make a great impression.

Information DVDs are perfect products to develop. You can build your whole business around them.

They are inexpensive to make, yet have a high-perceived value. They are heavily in demand, and staggeringly easy to sell for big fat wallet-filling profits.  The money you can generate from doing this is outrageous!

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