Jobs For Arthritis Sufferers

Jobs For Arthritis Sufferers
Jobs For Arthritis Sufferers

The kinds of jobs that are suitable for sufferers of arthritis depend entirely on which part of the body is affected and by how much.

Since doctors recommend gentle exercises such as walking or water aerobics to aid the stiffness and keep muscles working, it makes sense to take a job that is not stressful for your affected joints.

If your wrists are painful you certainly shouldn’t be using a jackhammer. But low-impact jobs such as typing for hours at a time can be just as stressful if they are repetitive.

Walking is good, but standing in the one spot for any length of time would not be advisable if your knees are the affected part.

Some people even find that ironing can affect their knees more than their wrists.

Bending or lifting heavy weights is not advised either, especially if there is pain in the back or neck. No furniture removal jobs for you!

On the other hand, if your arthritis is not too bad, you will feel all the better for being gainfully employed, even if the job is only part time.

There are many jobs that don’t require you to be supremely fit.

The best thing to do is work out, with the help of your health care professional, what sort of job you are able to do. One that won’t make your arthritis any worse.

Walking dogs could be something you may enjoy, so long as they are not too active. Wrists and shoulders could suffer if you have a huge dog that tugs you along at breakneck speed.

If you can still drive without pain, a driving job might be the one to go for. Don’t forget that you would need to be able to get in and out of the vehicle without pain.

A front-desk type of job could be a good bet for the arthritis sufferer. Here, there will be a certain amount of variety between standing, walking, sitting and typing.

If full-time employment is too much to handle, try part-time work. Even jobs classified as working from home provide interest and a small remuneration.

Avon, delivering catalogues of various kinds, or party planning jobs (if the products are not heavy) – all have their good points.

Gardening can be beneficial and therapeutic too, so long as you leave the digging to someone else.

There are many tools available that will make the job easier. Hand tools that are fitted with longer handles are especially helpful.

In fact, some who are completely wheel chair bound have been able to attend to gardening chores quite successfully with the aid of special tools and determination.

The main thing is to do something that will give you an interest and make you feel useful.