Healthy Tips For Mind And Body

Healthy Tips For Mind And Body
Healthy Tips For Mind And Body

Enjoying life to the fullest and aging gracefully without the burden of the disease depends largely on the healthy choices we make for our bodies TODAY.

Here are tips that will help you prolong your “good” years:

Eat Breakfast
Research suggests that eating breakfast early in the day may reduce the risk of weight gain and possibly heart disease and diabetes.

Avoid fats and carbs from items like sugar, potatoes, and white bread. Choose foods that are heart-healthy and include fruits, whole-grain cereals, bread, reduced-fat cheese, and low-fat or skim milk.

Beat the Sugar High
For those that have a sweet tooth, staying away from sugar is a constant struggle. On one hand, it is just so much easier and faster to grab that doughnut on the way to the office! On the other hand, sugar becomes an addiction that is very hard to break.

If you happen to like sugar a little more than you should and you need that sugar fix each day, a great way to get control and to curb the sugar craving is by using a natural substance called 5-HTP. You can find it in almost natural health food stores. (5-hydroxytryptophan)

There is no magic pill for weight loss, but if appetite, and not willpower, is your downfall, then 5-HTP may do the trick.

5-HTP is a direct precursor to “serotonin”. It causes feelings of fullness and eliminates cravings for carbohydrates and balances the serotonin levels in your brain.

This safe, effective herbal compound can also lift your spirits which makes it great for mood swings, anxiety, and depression. The recommended dosage is 50-100 mg per day.

Rotate Your Exercise Routine
Varying your exercise routine can help slow down the aging process. By switching routines you avoid boredom, and most importantly the risk of injury caused by overusing a particular muscle, bone, or joint.

Try rotating between aerobic exercises such as walking, dancing, running, swimming, cycling, and skating.

Add strength training exercises several times a week and gently stretch your muscles at least two or three times a week to help prevent weakness, stiffness, bone loss, and falls.

Take Charge!
Taking charge of your own medical history and lifestyle is your right! You don’t have to become Dr. Know-it-all, but researching specific areas of health that pertains to your own conditions is a smart move.

Researching the natural remedies in addition to what your doctor recommends gives you more choices, as well as natural healing options. Getting a second opinion from additional health care professionals is important as well.

You have the right to all your medical records and eyeglass or contact lens prescriptions. You are entitled to all copies of lab results, immunization records, and imaging studies.

Keep them filed at home in an organized manner. Keep a list of up-to-date medications and doses for your files as well as carrying this list with you at all times.

By feeding your body and mind the best foods and nutrients possible not only will you have more energy, but your body will also be stronger and your mind sharper. The tips in this report are the first steps on the path toward a healthier life.