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Making Alternative Fuels

Making alternative fuels is a topic that many people from around the world are becoming more and more interested in.

Alternative fuels will include the use of not only the vehicles that are driving down the highway, but also the vehicles that are used in farming, for recreation, for boating, for flying and everything in between.

Alternative fuels are going to save you money overall, and will continue to keep the air cleaner. The use of fossil fuels does put carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide into the air. In cutting back on the use of fossil fuels, there are many changes that will come about.

Making alternative fuels is going to require that you also make some changes to your vehicle or the heating system that you are using, that you are changing from gas to another source.

In making alternative fuels, you will be changing the texture and the overall weight of the liquid that you are putting into that motor or into that engine.

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The system changes are most likely going to deal with the lines, the fittings and the filters are used in the motor. If the line is too small or the filter not letting enough through at any given time, you will find that the engine or motor could stall.

But if you fine-tune your motor or engine, you can use alternative fuels as often as needed without problems or hassles.

In making alternative fuels for running a vehicle, you have many choices. You can use bio-diesel, lye, vegetable oils, alcohols, or you can find blends of these to run in a vehicle.

Alternative fuels can be made in your home, garage or in the barn. Alternative fuels are also being made in the manufacturing setting, where thousands of gallons are being produced at any given time. Alcohol fuels can be made from plants, and from other products such as wood.

Using the fry grease that you get from any local restaurant you will need to burn off the water, and filter out all the debris.

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You will be then left with an often-dark colored oil that is somewhat on the thick side. Mixing this vegetable oil with lye, you can blend the mixture to create your own fuel.

While this is a rough mixture, you can put this mixture in the fuel tank of just about any vehicle that is already using diesel mixtures.

One thing to remember is that if you are going to make an alternative fuel, you have to use it in a diesel vehicle, as it is not going to work in a vehicle that was previously driven with gasoline. The engines and how the motor works are different, but the diesel can handle the bio-diesel mixture.

Making the change and making your own fuel alternatives are going to cut the pollution that is in the air.  As the pollution goes down, so will the fog over major cities in the country.  Pollution is a major player in why lung cancer and asthma are on the rise.

Prevent toxic waste and move over to bio-diesel or other alternative fuels that are not going to be harmful to the earth, the soil and the air when used daily in your life.

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