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US Alternative Fuels

US alternative fuels are fast becoming the talk of the nation. We need and want alternatives to gasoline. The oil reserves are running low, and there is no real telling on how long what is in the earth is going to last.

The earth has worked for millions of years to create the reserves of gases and oil that is contained in the soil.

The fossil fuels that man has been taking from the earth is going to last so many years, and as we continue to use these resources more and more often, more and more every day, the fossil fuels, the oil reserves and the gasses are going to be used up.

We as a nation must come together to find alternatives to gasoline and alternatives to relying on other countries for our fuel needs.

Alternatives to the fuels that we are already using are found in bio-diesels, in the use of electricity and in the use of natural products such as soybean, corn and plant oils.

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Some alternative fuels are even being found in the use of garbage, manure, and in the use of ethanol, alcohol and in the use of hydrogen and batteries.

The use of fuel cells is becoming very popular for those who want to have a clean running car, that doesn’t cost a lot and in the use of hydrogen powered cars.

Fuel cells are similar to that of a battery and will not require the use of gasoline in the running of a car or truck on the road.

Fleets of cars are being produced and are being used to cut the need for gasoline. Fuel cell cars are fast becoming the combatant in the fight against pollution at the same time. Hydrogen cars emitted very low emissions, if any.

Hydrogen cars leave only water and oxygen behind when burned, and will not release carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide into the air. This aids in the emission requirements that are set by the EPA and in the fight against pollution.

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Electric cars and trucks are also fast becoming the answer to fuel problems that are being addressed in the US. Fuel in the US is something that we find ourselves relying on many other countries to supply.

The amount of oil produced in the US is small compared to what is imported. To become a more self-reliant country the US federal government and the state governments are offering grants and incentives to those who are working and testing alternative fuel resources.

To obtain any of the grants or tax relief that is offered through the programs, you must first seek them out, and be sure to meet the guidelines that are set by the programs.

Every state does set their own requirements when offering grants and tax relief for those who are using and purchasing alternative fuels or alternative fuel vehicles.

Fossil fuels have long been used throughout the history of heating the home and in running vehicles.

The use of fossil fuels is going to be curbed as prices rise, and the resources run low. Alternative fuel in the US is going to be based on electricity, on batteries, on the vegetable oils, and the many types of alternatives that are being explored even as you are reading this article.

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