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Married Women – Leave Job And Stay Home?

Whether you’re a married woman with a career on the side or not, married women who are mothers as well should be applauded for being able to balance their family life with their careers.  While most married women choose to stay home once they start having children, their lives are no less fulfilling than career women.

In fact, I believe no one can dispute the fact that being a mother, wife and friend all rolled into one amazing package also known as a woman is the hardest job in the world.  Oprah herself has said time and again that mothers are the hardest working people all over.

Nevertheless, if you’re a married woman and you are caught between the decision of staying home once the baby is born or simply taking a leave of absence from work and resuming thereafter, coming up with the answer that will make everyone happy, most of all, you, could be a dilemma.

Do You Want to Be a Stay-at-Home Mom?

Consider your reasons for staying home after you give birth and your wanting to go back.  Also, look at the time frame.  Is this going to be permanent or temporary?

1.         Finances.  Unfortunately, today’s high cost of living compels both husband and wife to work to be able to live comfortably at the very least.  Fortunately, though, there are a lot of home-based jobs moms can do nowadays.  You can also do freelance work.

2.         Career.  If your husband can provide well for your family and money is not going to be a major decision-making factor, perhaps your reason for wanting to go back is because of a successful career.  How much fulfillment do you get from this part of your life?  It is actually a matter of priorities after you give birth.

3.         Family First.  Who says you cannot put family first even when you are back at work?  The key is to find the balance and stay with it.  However, some women feel more comfortable being available at home 24/7 for the child/children.  Again, priorities should be in check.

Making the Right Decision

Bear in mind that as days, months and years go by, your priorities could change and what seemed like a good idea at the time may no longer be true anymore.  Where once you found fulfillment, there could come a time when you could only feel resentment.

Before you make the decision, thoroughly discuss with your husband every little detail to be considered.  Be as open as possible to every angle and argument and ask him to do the same.  Leave the option to change your minds about the decision and be welcoming about the whole thing.

Remember that whether the decision will make the family happy or not will deeply affect the relationship, the marriage, your kids, and ultimately your growth. 

So welcome the possibility of shifting the decision from A to B at any given time and simply talk about it as all married couples should do.

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