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These Boots Are Made For Walking

Women’s boots are back in fashion with a vengeance.  In fact, their versatility has reached an all-time high where anything you wear has jus the perfect pair of boots to go with it. 

Whether cool and chic or semi-casual to corporate, women’s boots have never really been put in the backburner.

They are always around to lend comfort and style to any get-up, not to mention warmth on cold weather.  Like your black cocktail number, having a pair of good boots is a must for every woman.

Boots Online

If you have no idea which pair will suit you best, you can search for images and styles online to give you a better idea of what to get and where to get them.  Bear in mind that images may vary in color and look on the internet, so you might want to be as thorough as possible when looking for the perfect pair.

Also, if you’re a virgin in the boots department, you deserve to get a new pair, so don’t settle for anything less.  What you want to get is something that will make you look even hotter than you already are and show off a little skin perhaps just below your kneecap.  You know, boots should make you feel confident that you walk the walk and talk the talk, so to speak.

Picking the Right Pair

To help you pick the best one at least the best one for YOU here are a few guidelines you can consider:

1.    Style.  Now, I don’t only mean the style of the boots but the dominant style of your clothes if you’re only planning on mixing and matching what you already have and not buying a whole ensemble to go with the boots. 

This is more practical actually because buying a pair of boots that could just go with new clothes will limit your options.

Boots that go just below the knees are perfect for knee-length skirts, A-cut preferably.  The top will depend on the occasion.  You can go from casual during the day to semi-casual for a dinner out.

On the other hand, if your wardrobe is mostly slacks and soft pants, an ankle-length pair of boots will do just fine so you won’t feel too constricted and be more comfortable.

2.    Weather.  If you live in sunny weather year-round, boots that cover up your legs could be a little uncomfortable.  Boots that go up to your ankles or calf-length are fine. 

If its mostly rainy and cold weather, you have to consider the material of the boots.  Leather could be ruined if it goes through harsh weather over a period of time.

2.    Durability.  Go for those that can stand the test of time so you’ll really get the most out of your pair.  They may be a bit more expensive, but you would have gotten your money’s worth in the end. 

Besides, a good pair will never run out of style.  You can dress-up or dress-down, your choice of boots should go well for both styles.

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