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Understanding The Relationship Between Women And Clothes

Women and clothes go together like two peas in a pod.  Hardly will you find any woman who is not interested in clothes, whatever style she prefers.  In fact, women go shopping mainly for clothes, and shoes and accessories only come in second and third.

This is why the fashion industry will never be a dying business.  For as long as there are women, there will always be new clothes to be designed or old ones to be reinvented and reintroduced. 

Whether they are simply staying inside the house, getting ready for bed, or dressing up for a date, women think about clothes all the time.

Each piece is carefully thought of, and depending on her mood, she can go from sexy and sultry, to demure and conservative, to carefree and playful. 

That’s how many women think about clothes!  So if you see her looking like she just put on the first thing she could get her hands on, she probably spent at least a couple of minutes staring at her wardrobe collection before picking what she’s wearing when you saw her.

Women’s Sense of Style

Most women you see will probably look like they’re wearing the same style of clothes.  This is because women prefer wearing what the fashion industry dictates each season. 

Since women love dressing up, their fashion icons are almost always their favorite celebrities, fashion magazine models, and sometimes the important women in their lives.

Have you noticed how sometimes girlfriends wear the same clothes?  That’s because clothes and fashion are important factors that bond women together. 

Whether they are dressed like rock stars, fashion models, or corporate VIPs, women tend to gravitate towards the same women who have their own fashion style. It’s not shallow, they’re just women who love the same clothes.

A Dress for Every Occasion

Men will never understand why women have different clothes for every occasion.  Women have clothes for dating, for parties especially themed parties boardroom meetings, clothes for flying, and even clothes for shopping!

Nonetheless, men may not understand it, but they appreciate it especially when the look is sexy and attractive.  Do women dress up for men?  Partly yes, but more so, they dress up for themselves. 

Sometimes, a whole ensemble may not work for one woman, but it brings out the best look in another.

In addition, you can tell what mood she’s in at the moment.  If she wants to look sexy, she can put on something that shows a little skin not too much just enough to have something left for the imagination. 

When she’s trying to go for the conservative look, she can cover up from head to toe and still manage to look sexy!

The thing with women and clothes is that it’s a whole different relationship.  There’s a dynamic at play that only she can understand. 

So whether she looks frumpy and unattractive, glamorous and eye-catching or simply down-to-earth and natural, bear in mind that she’s making a statement with whatever she’s wearing at the time.  Tomorrow, she’ll probably have a whole new look.

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