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Mini Websites Make A Great Home Business

If you are looking to earn money working from home, Mini Web Sites are a great way to run your own business.

Usually, these are simple one or two page sites that are designed for selling a single product.

A mini site is basically a sales letter that is designed to convert viewers into buyers, it is not there to provide detailed information about the product.

This type of site can attract more viewers, which means more sales and more money for you.

The steps for creating a mini web site are:

– Find a profitable niche.
– Determine the best product to sell for that niche.
– Write a well crafted ad.
– Design a landing page.

Make sure you do not include banners or other advertising, these might distract the attention of your visitors, your only focus should be on selling your product.

Design a Mini Web Site

Each site should sell only one product and be optimized for just that product. Select keywords, based on your product, that are popular enough to attract the amount of traffic you will need to make your site profitable.

And always use your keywords in the title, heading tags, and graphic alt tags. Create an easy to order form, one that is fast to fill out, you do not want to lose customers because it takes too much time or is too much trouble to purchase your product.

Whatever you sell, start by quickly describing that particular product and keep your focus tight on that product.

Try to pre sell your product by including several endorsements from people who are happy about using your product.

After the endorsements, include several free bonuses to get your visitors even more excited about buying.

To host your site look for a reliable hosting service, one that has a good track record for minimal down time.

Select a domain name that includes your keywords this will also help your search engine rankings and get you more traffic.

Some benefits of Mini Sites are:

– Easier to optimize for search engine rankings.
– Inbound links to your sites will lead to a higher Google Page Rank.
– You can be an expert at whatever you sell or whatever service you offer.
– Higher traffic generated than regular web sites.

Mini sites are the easiest way to make some quick money because they do not require a large setup cost, and they are easy to design.

All you need is a great idea and you are ready to make some money.

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