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MLM: Women Better Choice?

In the conventional business world, you’ll see successful women entrepreneurs much less often than their male counterparts. 90% or more of those at the heads of their companies, both big and small, are men.

Hewlett-Packard had a woman heading them for some years, but she attracted attention mostly because she was a rarity.

In the world of MLM business, however, the picture is different. In many cases here you shall see women doing much better than men. What is it about MLM that makes women a better choice than men?

Conventional business thrives on competition. It’s a cut-throat world in which companies must survive by eliminating the competition ruthlessly.

No quarter is given, and none is asked for. Kill or be killed, eat or be eaten. Big fish eats small fish, and is in turn eaten by a whale.

It is a world in which the aggressive so-called ‘masculine’ behavior finds itself at home.

We shall not, merely for the sake of political correctness, enter into a discussion of whether there is any essentially ‘masculine’ behavior, or whether, if there is any such thing, it is driven by testosterone or by cultural conditioning.

We shall merely observe that in society adult males and females are seen to behave in different ways, whatever may be the reason behind that.

MLM is different from conventional business. Aggressiveness, ruthless competition and all the other things that men are so good at are of little use in MLM. The pyramidal structure of MLM is held together by cooperation, not conflict.

As you may realize, selling the actual product is a lot less important in MLM than is creating a thriving down line. It’s a community-building game, not a rival-smashing bloodbath.

What are the skills needed for this kind of thing? Not the deadly ability to sniff out an enemy’s weakness and bring harm to them through that, so important in the traditional business world.

Rather you need to be able to cover and repair your employee’s weak points with your superior experience and training.

Suppress the tendency to beat your own drums about your achievements, and let your down line take the full credit for something that wasn’t entirely their doing. You need to encourage through rewards, not damn with punishments.

Remember that your success and their success are woven together; you shall prosper by their work and they shall gain from your guidance.

This is exactly what women are good at. Socializing skills are absolutely indispensable in MLM, and women beat men at that regularly.

Talk to your prospects, whether they are customers for your products or potential recruits for your down line.

Be sincere, friendly and interesting in your approach. Listen to them as much as you talk.

Do not appear overly driven by the need to achieve your monthly target, but adopt a relaxed manner that your audience won’t find threatening.

Most people will pay you more attention if they don’t feel immediately that they’re being sounded for a purpose.

These skills are somehow programmed into women again, we shall avoid discussing whether it’s nature or nurture.

Whatever the case, they almost always do this sort of thing better than men, and they’re perceived by clients/customers as much less threatening than men.

So, if you’re a woman, what’re you waiting for? You were made for MLM, so go ahead and get into the game you stand a better chance at it than at least one half of the population!

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