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November Fever: Tips On Hunting Come The Mating Season

November marks the start of the deer’s mating season. Peculiar activities are somewhat consistent this time of the year.

Studying these activities would give us a lot of insight into the intricacies of the sport of hunting. Knowing how the deer move, what their preferences come this period, and where they could be found are essential for a rewarding hunting session.

November is indeed the time when deer starts to rut. They exhibit an agitated state of sexual excitement that manifests in behaviors which they do not usually exhibit.

Knowing these behaviors would greatly aid the hunter in stalking them. In this sport, the games are your enemy, and knowing your enemy is half the battle won, after all.

So here are some tips which would help you hunt for deer during this month.

– When the rut period arrives, deer usually gather in empty fields of green like pastures and spacious hillsides, or in seemingly protected enclosures wide enough to accommodate a lot of them, like dried-up swamps or shallow creeks.

Concentrating on these areas would give you the best chance of catching some games.

– The bigger games do not usually join the flock. They wait in hidden areas. When a doe catches their attention (or their sense of smell if you want to be technical about it), they are pretty confident that they could give a chase to capture the doe and try to mate.

This is your chance to garner an 8 pointer at the very least! The bucks usually stay some 100 yards away from where the bigger group is gathering, so keep your eyes sharp if you want to get a good start.

– Don’t get turned off by the huge number of hunters in any given area. This will not scare away the deer. They will still rut!

– Deer would always be on the move this time of the year. The big bucks are another story, however. Try rattling or grunting to make them leave their cover and approach the sight of your firearm or bow.

– Moon phases play a critical role during mating season. Deer experience the most intense rut during the days of a first-quarter moon, which is usually during the first weeks of November.

You could actually hunt all day during this phase, and there would be a lot of games for everybody.

– Mask your odor when going in near a flock and when there is a possibility of a close encounter with some bucks.

The best scents to use are from the hot doe and tarsal wicks. This would make the buck mistake you for a mate and would approach your direction. He’d get close enough for a clear shot!

– Camp out. It’s deer season! They would come in abundance. Don’t waste these precious days sitting idly in your cabin. It’s hunting time, and that means you should prep yourself up for some hunting.

Enjoy the great outdoors and all the games around you. This period comes only once a year, so you better make the most out of it.

Hunting is a gentlemen’s sport. There is an unwritten code of conduct for this activity. Though deer would be in abundance, and the thrill of the kill may stir up an amazing amount of excitement within you, you have to remember to observe the prescribed etiquette in hunting.

It’s a time-honored tradition that must be preserved, and it is what has maintained the nobility and the prestige of the sport throughout the ages.

Remember, a hunter is a gentleman, first and foremost. You will be expected to act like one. Other than this little reminder, do enjoy the mating season. Happy hunting!

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