Nutrition In Order To Keep Your Pet Bird Healthy

Nutrition In Order To Keep Your Pet Bird Healthy
Nutrition In Order To Keep Your Pet Bird Healthy

Pet birds can be great companions but you need to provide proper nutrition in order to keep your bird healthy. An all seed diet should not be fed to your pet bird because they lack essential vitamins and other nutrients that are essential to keep your bird healthy.

An all seed diet is a sure way to make your bird sick. It is one of the most common nutritional problems seen in pet birds. Birds need a variety of quality foods just like you do to stay healthy.

The basics of human nutrition also apply to your pet bird. Feeding a variety of foods is the best way to ensure that your bird has the greatest chance of consuming all of the proper nutrients.

If you are currently feeding an all seed diet you need to gradually reduce the amount you are feeding and gradually increase other foods to your birds diet over the course of several weeks.

If at any time your bird refuses to eat you should take them to see a veterinarian if it has been a few days since it last ate. Also, if your bird starts to vomit or has diarrhea, that is another sign to seek veterinarians help.

Great things to feed your pet bird include a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables. Also different cooked meats and eggs are also good way to provide protein.

Also be sure to always provide a clean source of water to your bird. Proper sanitation is also another must to keep your bird healthy. By cleaning the food and water bowls every week is an easy way to keep disease away. Bacteria can easily build up on food bowls causing your bird to get sick.

Birds can eat almost anything that you eat. Two things to avoid for sure are avocado and chocolate. These items are extremely toxic to your bird and should be avoided.

The simplest way to provide complete nutrition for your bird is with a pellet. There are many different brands of bird pellets out there, be sure to find one that offers complete nutrition.

Although capable of providing complete nutrition some birds will grow bored with a pellet diet. To avoid this always give your bird some variety in the treats you give.

By providing some variety in your birds’ diet you can keep them healthy and happy. Be sure to avoid an all-seed diet and provide clean water at all times. Providing a complete and balanced diet to your bird is easy if you know the basics.