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Nutritional Benefits Added In Superfoods! The Real Diet

Every year you make a wish when the clock hits the dot of twelve, and it is the beginning of a new year. What is the wish?

To eat healthily and live healthily ever after! So often, once the night is over and the dawn sets on the first of the new month, you forget those resolutions and carry on with your old routines.

All of your noble promises regarding low fat and low-calorie foods are wiped out in minutes.

In the forthcoming New Year, its time to change the direction of your thinking. Instead of low (as in fat), think super. Have you heard of superfoods?

If you are aware of them, half of your problem is solved. The other half will be served if you start learning about and consuming them.

Superfoods! Powerhouse of nutrition

They are called superfoods and, indeed, they are super in keeping you fit and fine. They are generally referred to as the powerhouses of nutrition.

What types of food that you consume regularly would fall in the superfood category? Spinach is the most common on the list.

You have also come to know about the extracts of blueberries and strawberries and how beneficial they are after a certain age. They help fight dangerous diseases like cancer and heart disorders.

Avocado and dark chocolate are also parts of a healthy diet and they are, also, on the super foods list.

All these food items have a major role to play in the natural cure of certain diseases since they carry great nutritional value.

What is the biggest benefit they carry?  First, none of these are high-fat substances with a great number of calories. They are nutritious and meant to fulfill your body’s requirements for perfect functioning. Calling them super is indeed accurate!

Role of superfoods as antioxidants

Antioxidants are vital. Your body needs these to enhance the chemical reactions that happen within your body.

To protect your body from oxidative damage and to keep the body cells fresh and healthy, antioxidants are a must.

Tea and dark chocolate drinks serve as some of the best antioxidants in the beverage category, and they are also regarded as superfoods. Wouldnt you love some now?

In the name of superfoods and rich antioxidants, the timing when consuming these beverages is important. A cup of tea and a glass of dark chocolate anytime of the day, whenever you feel like it, has to be avoided.

You have to include them in your normal diet as a fixed entity and in a fixed quantity. For that reason, it is always preferable to consult a dietitian who can map out a chart of your daily diet and introduce the key superfoods in order to add the great nutritional benefits to your diet and health.

Common mistakes to be avoided

Once the superfood consciousness peaks your interest, your entire concentration hovers around blueberries, avocados, spinach, etc. You start eating only those.

The value of these nutritional supplements in this case is not what it could be. The balance between the nutritional components is a must whether you are talking about normal food or a superfood.  It’s all about balance.

Why should you say no to raspberry, boysenberries, and coffee for the sake of superfoods? No need at all because you can consume them even if you are on a superfood diet.

You can include them in a balanced way and stay more energetic and healthy than ever before with your superfood diet. Here’s hoping this year’s resolution gets fulfilled. Happy superfood diet! Yeah!

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