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Diet Chart For A Day In A Superfood Way

Looking forward to a change? Would you like to modify your lifestyle and bring about a difference in your eating habits?

What’s your answer? Yes! Then, what are you waiting for? Think in terms of a super way, and shape your diet in a superfood way from your breakfast until your dinner.

Life will be so cool with the fantasies of living in a refreshed manner with the power and energy to celebrate the essence of every moment.

You can walk erect on your spine and bend and move exactly the way you like. Everything will happen with an excellent spirit if you stay healthy from within. Superfood will make you feel this change.

How will you begin the day?

Shake off your blues with light exercises, preferably aerobics. Drink lots of water, and not just after completing the exercise routine.

Give yourself a gap of at least fifteen minutes, and then you can sit down to your breakfast. You may think that the superfood diet involves only the foods you eat. Yes, this is true, but other aspects of your life should also be modified accordingly.

Take a close look at what would be really good as a superfood breakfast. If you want to go a bit heavy since this is the first bite you are going to have today, have two slices of bread made of whole grain wheat.

It would be best if you can use chia flour for baking the bread. Chia has been absolutely regarded as a superfood. Avoid butter and use margarine instead. Include blueberries for your breakfast if you can.

There is a simpler way to make it a real superfood breakfast. Begin with herbal tea, followed by yogurt with blueberries.

The time to have fruits or juice

The superfood dietitians always suggest drinking juice in the morning. Watermelon juice would be best.

You can also go for orange if you prefer. You could have Clementine oranges two, at the most, sometime in the morning hours.

What is the lunch menu?

You ought to take the vital meal of the day at lunchtime. Here, the input of calories will be significantly higher. It is your staple food, but check out the difference when you eat in the superfood way.

A bowl of soup would be simply exotic, but it has to be pumpkin soup, with added soy milk. Both your vitamin and protein requirements are then fulfilled. For a little garnishment, you can prepare a topping of walnuts to add taste to the soup.

The soup will act as the appetizer, but check those unwanted cravings. Once you are done with your soup, you can shift to turkey roast or some other turkey dish.

There’s no restriction as to what part of the turkey is best although the breast region is, of course, the fleshiest part.

Along with turkey, some green vegetables and spinach are a must. These will act as antioxidants.

Finally the dinner

Make it light. Grilled salmon lentils will be superb as a superfood. During this hour, you can have that green broccoli and finally finish off the whole busy day with a nice glass of wine.

This completes the superfood chart for an entire day. Go for it, and experience life in an all-new way.

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