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Outdoor Or Interactive Indoor Displays Which Type Of LCD Advertising Displays Work Best?

If you are trying to decide which kind of advertising displays will work best for your business and you are still not sure, take a closer look at how these indoor and outdoor displays can work for you.

First of all, take a look at the difference between the two types and then decide how they may work to promote your products or service.

Interactive LCD screen displays are made to work for indoor advertising, for they are sensitive to the external elements and do not have the necessary protection for outside use.

Inside or outside dynamic advertising – that has always been the question, now let us look at the most cost effective solutions on the market.

These touch screen digital displays are composed of segmented interactive panels in front of the displays, which detect a human touch on the monitor; hence they could be damaged if placed outdoors.

However new advanced prototypes are being created providing a solution to this disadvantage, with digital displays that protect the digital screens from touch.

Indoor LCD screen displays or digital posters are used by retailers and companies to interact with their customers without having to relate directly with them.

This allows potential customers more freedom and privacy that sometimes cannot be had when dealing directly with the employees.

These displays provide extra information and data on services or products that are on sale at the retailers and can be updated constantly via a USB port or with a CF card on the internal integral media player.

You can even do this through a wireless connection if you are using a WIFI digital display, which is convenient when employees are busy elsewhere, as you can get constant updates on promotional offers automatically.

You can customize your LCD indoor displays to interact as you wish them to and advertise your products and services to the best possible advantage. Although these indoor displays will not attract potential clients to your business, as they are already located within the premises, they will help you generate more sales.

Outdoor LCD displays are created to withstand outside conditions and are made from heavy gauge steel sheets. Not only do they need to resist bad weather conditions but also any form of vandalism.

Within these LCD displays, you can advertise dynamically without having to fear damage. Within these displays, you can store both digital advertising supports and LCD displays. You can also install LCD or plasma screens and cable or satellite boxes.

These outdoor displays are ideally placed outside shopping centers or public areas where there people gather or pass regularly during the day. They will bring potential customers to your business and boost your sales.

These two advertising solutions offer different options for your advertising strategy, you will have to choose which best suits your purpose and budget.

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