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Plan An Engagement Party

Plan An Engagement Party

Before the couple takes the big step towards the altar and commit themselves to each other for a lifetime, the engagement party marks the last few days of their joy just being engaged.

As they get ready to take their vows the entire schedule will get increasingly hectic and till the wedding gets over they will be having some really busy days.

During an engagement party, we celebrate the good news of the couple deciding to take their relationship to the next level. It also provides the opportunity for the in-laws to meet each other if they haven’t already. 

Once, the engagement parties were held in the brides house hosted by her parents. But with the passage of time social norms have changed and so have the rules for an engagement party.

These days anyone can host it. In fact, in some cases, the future groom himself arranges for such a party. The good thing about today’s engagement parties is that they have hardly any rules. 

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Where to have them? 

So you can have your party anywhere at your house, in a restaurant or at some other place which might be special for the couple and has some special significance for them. This can be anything from the pace they had their first date to their favorite restaurant round the corner. 

What kind of an event? 

As far as the engagement event is concerned it can also range from the very simple to the extremely elaborate. It can be as much fun over some homemade cake and coffee in the brides house as it is in a friend’s house with a five course dinner and champagne.

You can even think of having a casual buffet or a barbecue in the grooms backyard. As long as it is fun and the people in the party enjoy themselves, you should hardly have a reason to worry. 

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The guests 

The guests whom you invite should be the immediate friends and family. This is not the wedding. You can have all the guests on that day. But engagement is a much more intimate affair.

You cannot expect everyone to drop by for the party. You should also remember that the guests are not expected to bring any gifts. so you shouldn’t expect any gifts from them either. 

Games and activities 

You can always have a few games and activities during the party. One hit thing in any engagement party is to ask previously married couples to offer advice for the would-be ones.

This you can do as a fun question and answer session. Or you can put up a large sheet of poster board and ask the guests to jot down little words of advice. 

You can also have a Partner Quiz where couples are asked about their partners preferences. The couple with the maximum correct answers wins.  

Evening engagement parties 

It always makes more sense to have your party during the evening as people would be more inclined to dance and be romantic. Have the right music playing in the background to set the tone for the evening. You can also use candles to light up the room. That would truly be something romantic. 

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