PlayStation And Video Games Reviews

PlayStation And Video Games Reviews
PlayStation And Video Games Reviews

The different systems and consoles proposed by Sony such as the PSP, PS2 and PS3 are excellent choices as far as graphics and sound quality are concerned.

These systems are designed for high definition effects and at times the quality on regular televisions can result fairly poor, though not all games suffer this deficiency.

Colors are the highlight of this superb definition, as are the excellent texture effects, rendering graphics absolutely exquisite. A high point in favor of the PS3 consoles as opposed to others on the market is the uncompressed sound on disks games.

The sound quality is in fact a strong point with PlayStation as well as the high quality of its hardware; the system is very quiet and does not emit disturbing noises that can distract players.

PlayStation is also simple to use, therefore accessible to all and now! The controller is easy to work without complicated synchronization buttons, the controller is simply plugged directly into the USB and is ready to work, all other peripherals simply run along with the system.

In addition the hardware system rarely has failures and is therefore generally more reliable as opposed to other competing systems.

The PS3 now proposes the innovative Sixaxis controller that allows you to tilt, turn and twist the controller, to turn it right and left and up and down without having to push buttons, this certainly adds a realistic element to the action portrayed on the screen!

Among the more popular video games of the moment include titles such as Guitar Hero, Halo 3, Madden NFL 08, Solitaire and Dance Dance. Guitar Hero is a classic American rock band, it is a mixture of rock and sensation as one relives over 30 years of Aero smith’s music; an emotional voyage through an environment of rock. The following reviews may help you get acquainted with and appreciate these more popular releases.

Madden NFL 08 is a revised version of its precursor now proposing a new branching system which allows all tackling, catching and juke motions to fuse together smoothly resulting in a fantastically realistic football game. The great part of this game is also the Read and React system, which permits you to pick out on-field weaknesses and strengths, in order to take advantage of the opponents weak points, thus providing a game of strategy as well as action.

Halo 3 is action at its apex! This is a real life eight to ten hour adventure that can be played by four players in a co-operation mode or up to sixteen in the multiplayer, it is a real tackling experience presented as a video game trilogy.

The main action character guns his way through Covenant alien enemies with an arsenal of futuristic weapons and vehicles, for these aliens are set up to destroy the universe. All this action is set in a fabulous backdrop of lush jungles and breathtaking landscapes as well as and futuristic stations floating in space; an incredible virtual world of action and graphical expertise.

The Bioshock is an extraordinary underwater adventure, which takes a survivor from an ocean plane crash into the abysses of an underwater city that at first appears deserted. As the game moves on this first-person shooter discovers that he has to gun down genetically improved individuals that stalk the underwater passageways looking for a kill.