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Popular Coffee Brewing Methods

Got bored with your regular coffee? The same old flavor and the same old taste! And shedding all annoyance on your better half?

The problem is not with your coffee and nor with your wife. Its a matter of technique. The brewing style, of course!

Coffee can be brewed in a number of ways and that depends on your likings and choices. Most important of all is what purpose you are drinking it for. Your way of living matters a lot.

You are mostly used to the automatic electronic dip type of brewing style. This is very popular and one of the easiest ways to brew coffee.

What you have to do is just boil the water inside the electronic dip machine and when it gets almost boiled, pour it on the coffee beans, maybe in a mug or directly in the cup you love to drink.

Use a permanent gold plated filter that retains the rich aroma perfectly. Try and avoid paper filters that may reduce this aroma.

Add the necessary sugar and have this as many times you want. This is not that rich to cause damage to your health. No cream, no added fatty substance are being put in it.

But now-a-days, espresso coffee has won more votes for its frothy layer and rich flavor. If you want to enjoy the same at home, then get hold of an espresso coffee maker first.

The working mechanism is again very simple. The hot water is prepared in the espresso machine itself and that if forced through the ground coffee into the coffee mug; the frothy layer automatically forms due to the thrust.

Most popularly the espresso machines are used in steaming milk and you can enjoy a cup of cappuccino instantly.

The French Press style of brewing coffee is known well in all parts of the world. What so hype about French Press coffee?

The thickness and the highest aroma create a difference. The thickness actually lets the fullest flavor of the coffee beans poured down to your coffee mug.

The ratio of coffee beans and water must be perfect to feel the real taste. In six ounces of water addition of two tablespoons of coffee is the general rule.

The ground coffee is placed in a glass beaker and water is added to it, not in a full boiled state. It requires at least a stirring for about four minutes and then the plunging device is attached and used to press the grounds in the beaker.

Now once the coffee is pushed with the press, the chances of coffee particles remaining as a whole is minimized and the best of the flavor can be served. Before serving just stir the coffee once so that the frothy layer doesn’t disappear.

Apart from these brewing methods some specific rules are to be followed to get the real taste of coffee. Try to use fresh coffee beans.

To keep the best quality beans fresh store them in air tight containers free from moisture attacks.

If you have ample time then try grinding the beans just before you intend to make a cup of coffee.

Use fresh water and avoid using direct tap water, sometimes it carries fowl odor that may come with your coffee flavor.

Clean the coffee makers after making coffee so that sediments don’t form and affect it on the coffee you make next.

If for a change you want to add milk to your coffee then make it sure that it’s low fat milk. Use it directly from the refrigerator or heat it before adding. That won’t create much difference.

To adopt any of these or all these brewing methods and make your coffee richer and tastier than ever before.

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