History Of Coffee

History Of Coffee
History Of Coffee

The beverage you like most? Honey, what else can it be rather than coffee? I would really pay my heartiest homage to that person who had first found out coffee beans on earth.

Had he been not there we would have stayed deprived of this richest beverage that can spell magic in your nerves? Be it the wake-up call, the party jovial, friends rendezvous, or instant distress formula, coffee goes everywhere and fits all weathers. For warm-up sip, it hot and play on chill when you have it cold.

Wont the taste be more fascinating if the history of coffee is related to you? You know it? What are you waiting for? I really want to feel the aroma till the root.

Well, the history of coffee is a very interesting story with many legends and myths associated with it. Since coffee is an expensive product, it has a bigger hand in shaping the economy of a nation or a state.

And hence, power-politics on this product have been faced across the globe in different junctures of history.

The famous story on coffees discovery is an Ethiopian story. This has a worldwide acceptance as well. A sheep herder named Kadli from Caffa Ethiopia was the first to discover coffee beans.

It happened so that his sheep after intake of certain red cherries as he identified then started becoming energetic and restless. He couldn’t reason out why and tried the same on himself.

What was consequence? He too became hyperactive and felt a change in his energy level.

Kadli got scared of the consequences and soon delivered the story to a monk. The monk initially identified the seeds to be devils fruits but could not give up Kadlis experience. So he also tried it out.

As a result, he could keep sleepiness miles apart and this also increased his concentration level. This helped him perform prayers and meditation with a higher level of devotion without being tired.

What’s the authenticity of this story can be challenged. But this is true that coffee was first found and identified as an energy booster in Ethiopia.

Even before 1000 AD, the Galla tribe of Ethiopia made use of coffee which they knew to be some wild berry to add more nutrients and great calories to their diet.

They wrapped coffee beans with animal fat and had it as food, not as a drink. It was only when Turks came to know about this product and made it a beverage. And they started giving new flavors to this drink by adding cardamom, cinnamon, etc to enrich the aroma.

That’s really interesting! Is there only one such tale? I had a rough idea that coffee or mocha was first known to the Arabians. You are correct. But history shows that coffee came to be known to the Arabians sometime in the middle of 15th century.

The very famous tale of Omar and his friends who were lost in a desert could only help out of starvation after having some boiled seeds of an unknown plant and saved their lives.

This plant then gained a religious position in their society as a life savior. You must be eager to know about the name mocha? The place where this incident took place was nearby to Mocha and thus the name.

Again for the Christians, it was referred to as a devil’s drink. Whatever be the truth behind all these tales, coffee today is enjoyed worldwide as a rich aromatic, and energizing beverage. And you, a coffee aficionado knows this very well!