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Preventing Loss: The Hi-Tech Way

In shopping malls and retailers stores or in some showrooms, how will you manage to keep a track on every move of each individual customer?

It is next to impossible to scrutinize the intention of each one coming in. Some are definitely enticed by the shopping spree, for some these areas are fabulous hangouts and there are many people who find these spots as lucrative money-making zones with wrong intentions.

Just posting a security guard at the entrance and a few attendants inside won’t be that effective.

At the end of the day, you discover making a big business but at the cost of a great loss. This is a common story with the retailers that things are being picked up or stolen from their shop in their ignorance. The security arrangement fails to detect what’s going wrong and how.

How will you protect your shop and prevent it from such nuisances?

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After years of working on the security aspect of the retail stores and shopping plazas, a comprehensive program has been developed by the security researchers. The results from its implementation have been effectively successful.

Strong gazes always:

Cameras can be watchdogs and are best at covering every nook and corner of your shop. If surveillance cameras are fitted in the key locations which will capture each zone, your purpose of keeping an eye on every customer will be solved.

Hi-tech cameras with direct drive motors are available that can even provide zooming and panning facilities. Each and every foot step, limb movements including eye movements can be detected.

Circulation of evidence:

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Well every retailer shop should have digital recorders to pass on the evidence detected without wasting time. In big malls and large retail stores, the 120 FPS is put up so that every minute detail can be recorded and circulated with the help of what is known as the turbo recording method.

Tracking employees:

It is not always consumer products that are stolen from the shop. Hard cash can be slowly removed from the locker in the counter. Such malpractices can only be done by someone who has access on it.

So how will you catch the cashier with solid proof? Through the video recording, the activities of the cashier can be tracked and the computer backup of different receipts can thereafter be tallied. In hi-tech terms it is known as POS interfacing.

Creating psychological inhibition:

The 20 inch LCD monitors leave a deep impact in the minds of the visitors to the retail shop. How?

If you constantly project that everyone is being watched and you make announcements with the visual effect and everyone can track everyone’s move, there is a psychological pressure for anyone to commit something mischievous.

The retailer theft can be prevented if an environment of close gaze is created through modern recording systems and cameras along with visual exposition to show the reality simultaneously.

Last but not the least a scope of mismanagement with goods can take place on the way to delivery. This must be prevented. The delivery vans and other vehicles should have electronic locking systems with a specific code.

Therefore if things end up missing from there, the ball goes directly to the court of the respective individual in charge of the keys because the code is exclusively known by the person.

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