Quake 3 Arena: The Greatest Online First Person Shooter Ever?

Quake 3 Arena: The Greatest Online First Person Shooter Ever?
Quake 3 Arena: The Greatest Online First Person Shooter Ever?

Quake 3 Arena is the worthy successor of Wolfenstein 3D and Doom which had plunged gamers into a frenzied first-person shooter world of ruthless action that heralded a paradigm change in online gaming.

It was developed and released by id Software. First tentatively as the original Quake, Quake II, and ultimately Quake 3 Arena.

Quake 3 Arena was the first truly 3D video game, allowing players to interact with the virtual worlds created by id Software like never before.

Gamers were free to look and move in any direction, giving the game designers at id labs the freedom and ability to create fantastic virtual environments in this epic, single-player game.

Quake 3 Arena offer 3 main modes of gameplay: Single, Multiplayer, and Online. Whether it is single player action of multiplayer competition, Q3A offers 3 main modes of gameplay: Single, Multiplayer, and online, in which last mode Q3A allows you to run riot.

The single player mode is very good, but it can’t compare to the excitement and fun the online and multiplayer modes bring.

In the single-player mode you choose which level of difficulty you want. When that is done you will face various opponents in arenas and your main goal is to be the person with the most frags i.e. kills.

Playing Q3A online against human opponents is the best experience. In this mode you select you character and enter for battle.

I would like to note that the maximum number of people to have in each arena is 4. There are 4 ways to play: team, tourney, capture the flag, and free for all.

The free for all mode is the best because there are no rules and the competition is stiff. You grab weapons, power-ups, and kill, kill, kill.

When playing in the multiplayer mode it is very important to always be on the move. The guns are pretty cool and each one has its advantages.

There are some weapons that just seem to take over the game, like the Rocket Launcher and Super Plasma Gun (BFG-10-K).

Although playing Q3A online play allows only 4 players to play. Next to each type of game, are the number of players playing and the speed of the server.

Once you select your map, etc. you select the icon Fight, and after a load screen, you are then tossed into an arena. The style is the same as multiplayer, but of course, here you are playing against online opponents. For the most part, matches played at a good speed but most of the time you’re going to experience some problems.

The graphics are good in Q3A, the textures are right on, and the lighting is good. The level design is average and sometimes certain places feel the same. The blood and gore factor is heartening and hilarious.

Q3A has distinct weapon sound effects, and painful grunts and moans are all a part of the fun. Each weapon sounds real and holds a certain amount of power in the noises that they make.

The music for most of the time is fast, but some slow tunes are thrown in to add suspense. The arena announcer sounds perfect for the job and never gets annoying. The different screams coming from various life beings blend in smoothly.