Quick Action Plan To Repair A Wet Cell Phone

Quick Action Plan To Repair A Wet Cell Phone
Quick Action Plan To Repair A Wet Cell Phone

Have you ever had your cell phone fall into water? For example you take a bath and suddenly you receive a phone call and your cell phone falls into the water.

This can happen in every place where water is the main element like the shower, the washing machine when you forget to check your pockets before washing, the kitchen sink, the pool area, or the ocean side when you are on vacation.

The possibilities are endless and if you accidentally drop your phone into the water the situation is really terrible – especially if you dropped an expensive designer phone with all your valuable information stored inside.

This is a real disaster situation and it has happened to folks that went crazy because of not only the loss of their precious phone but the emotional value and the informational value stored inside the phone is lost forever.

Be aware that this scenario can happen to you as well. But the good news is that you do not have to go through this painful experience yourself because you can use the handy step-by-step action plan to rescue your cell phone from water damage.

If you follow the step-by-step plan below you will be able to repair your wet cell phone in a very short time period.

Step 1: Turn off your wet cell phone. Remove the SIM card and the battery.

Step 2: If the wet cell phone was in salty seawater, carefully rinse it with fresh water before drying it.

Step 3: Dry the wet cell phone. First, use a towel to dry the phone. Then use toilet paper and an ear pick to reach the places a towel cannot reach.

Step 4: Let the wet phone dry for at least 3 days. Keep it uncovered in a warm and dry place.

Step 5: Do not try drying it in the sun, the oven, and the microwave or with any appliance that can possibly melt it.

Try using any absorbing substance that will not harm the phone, such as rice, not grounded salt or silica packs that come with vitamin packs, clothes and electronics. This step is critical to the success!

Step 6: If the cell phone screen is still foggy after 3 days, wait a few more days.

Step 7: Try to turn the cell phone on. If it seems dry and ready, re-attach the battery and Sim card and turn it on.

Step 8: If it does not work, you can either attempt to dry it more or take it to the manufacturer.

Note that it is possible for them to know if the phone has been dropped in water due to special stickers that respond to water. Warranties, unlike insurance, do not cover water damage.

Step 9: Even if it still does not work, it might be possible to rescue important information that is not on the SIM card. Consult a technician from your cell phone company about your possibilities.

That is the simple 9-step action plan. Critical to success is a quick action on your part and your cell phone will be repaired and functional sooner as you think!