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Romance On The Beach

You never know what romantic surprises await you on a beach holiday. You can get engaged in such adventure activities as snorkeling, scuba diving or beach driving or horse riding, and so on to feel the fun of adrenaline gushing in your blood.

If both of you are die-hard nature lovers, you can enjoy the panoramic views of sunrise and sunset together or simply get suntanned together leisurely lying on the dazzling beach arms in arms.

It is not without reason that some of the best honeymoon destinations in the whole world are situated in the romantic seaside beaches.

They provide you the ideal location in the backdrop of gushing sea waves and sweet breezes, to share some special moments with the special person in your life.

Beaches compile up a rare combination of seclusion and remoteness on the one hand and a warm feeling of sharing and belonging on the other hand.

Here we provide you the descriptions of some of the most romantic beaches in the world, where you will get the feel of isolation and complete privacy, just ideal for spending a beach holiday with someone you dearly love.

Nothing can be better than the mysterious Hawaii as the ideal honeymoon destination for newly weds. In addition to the pretty Waikiki beaches, you will get to see many spectacular spots in this island country that had a volcanic origin a few millions years ago.

With azure sea and blue lakes on the high altitudes, seductive Hawaii draws you to unavoidable temptation and you keep on finding excuses to return to this land of geological wonders every year for more romantic explorations.

Another beach destination famous for generations for its romantic charms is the Bahamas, where you get to enjoy the beautiful nature in its most un spoilt beauty that lure the honeymooners in this land of pristine beaches from all corners of the world.

This is the home of the worlds one of the most spectacular Pink Beach where fine-grained sands in a glorious shell-pink have composed the beach that lies under the shadows of rows of towering palms.

Under the backdrop of turquoise expansion of sky and the ocean, this emerald cluster of palm trees creates such a heavenly piece of the picture, particularly at the time of sunset, that the honeymooners get tempted to return to this most romantic beaches in the entire Caribbean time and again.

A large number of luxurious resorts are there to provide you the utmost comforts so that you get pampered and feel special on your romantic trip.

No list of romantic beaches can be complete without the inclusion of romantic Miami in Florida. This is a place ideal for those couple who would like to enjoy a dynamic honeymoon with plenty of activities and exciting night life.

The azure expansion of the Caribbean Sea provides a perfect canvas for formidable buildings with European style Art Deco architecture.

Here you will experience an exotic concoction of European and Cuban culture that makes this romantic beach come alive with tremendous energy and vibrance and either you are a newlywed or much-married couple, you will feel the tempo in your blood and sway with your partner in the ultimate exhilaration of eternal love and passion.

What about taking a romantic retreat in Maldives which is believed to be created by the Goddess of Love according to the local legend?  

If you’re looking for a truly romantic experience that gives you the opportunity of marveling along the pristine beaches hand-in-hand with your beloved at your side and experiencing the breathtaking views of setting sun in the perfectly color-coordinated backdrop of the azure sea,  then you must visit the Maldives at least once in your lifetime. But you may choose the place for your next beach holiday and next

Another popular destination for the romantic couples is the St. Lucia that boasts of a spectacular coastline with scattered, isolated beaches.

A number of coves provide interesting interruptions in the coastline which is replete with rows of coconut trees and rolling surf. It provides you the ultimate experience in romance in the exotic cultural backdrop of Caribbeans.

We hope you will find your dream destination for a romantic escape in any of these beautiful beaches. Only do not forget to invest in lots of sunblock lotions, fine quality goggles, and of course, a pair of fashionable beachwear to impress your partner as well as to make a bold fashion statement.

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