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Romantic Getaways That Create A Spark

Do you need some tips for adding some spark to your relationship? Look no further: here are some suggestions for romantic getaways that will heat up your romance in no time.

You’ll find ideas for romantic escapes ranging from very modest to elaborate.

Make Your Home a Hideaway

I know: you’re probably thinking that this won’t work, but if you prepare just a little bit, it will be a great success. Schedule your vacation in advance, like if you were leaving home, unplug your phones, and let your friends and family know you are on vacation.

Once your “at home” vacation starts, here are some things you may want to include to add to the experience:

-go to the library, pick out a book you both like, and read it out loud to each other while sitting on your back porch, or by the fireplace

-rent a documentary about a foreign city you always wanted to visit, like Paris, and afterward have dinner at a local restaurant that serves the cuisine you would find in that city

-watch a romantic movie and fall asleep in each other’s arms

Seclusion in the Woods

How long has it been since you had time to listen to each other? Weeks? Months? Dare I say, years?

If you’ve been deprived of meaningful, relaxed talk for more than a few weeks, a vacation away from everything can be wonderfully romantic.

You can rent a cabin, or go camping (if you both enjoy it), and really get to know each other again, both emotionally and physically.

Need some ideas? Here they are:

-build a fire in your cabin, if it has a fireplace or a bonfire outside (make sure it’s legal!), and roast some marshmallows, which you can feed each other

-go for a long hike, and bring along a blanket so that when you get tired you can lie down in a private area and add some spice to the hike

-make some music together: bring along a guitar or harmonica and serenade each other. Or, if you are not musically inclined, bring along a CD of old favorites and sing along with the music

Relax on a Tropical Island

Why are tropical islands romantic? With the sun and tropical breezes on your bare skin, the sunsets by the ocean, coupled with some quality relaxing time it’s impossible not to feel reenergized and more romantic.

While on the island, schedule some pampering for both of you: a nice spa treatment complete with a massage, followed by a glass of quality wine, some chocolates, and whatever else you are inspired to do…

Return to Your Honeymoon Hotel

This trip maybe even more romantic than the first time you made it.

Now you know each other’s bodies enough to be able to drive your partner wild. And with a treasure trove of memories to share, nostalgia will play a great role in the reenactment of this love story.

You may even want to take some new vows: this time design them to protect and rekindle your romance.

Now, what are you waiting for? Go and plan your next romantic getaway!

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