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Shaving Style For Men: What’s The Latest?

Whenever a man is in the pursuit of sprucing up his appearance shaving will certainly have a significant part to play.

Like other aspects of fashion shaving styles too are evolving and always there are some innovative shaving trends emerging with the promise to transform your looks altogether.

However, all these are subject to your preferences and willingness to adopt them.

Trendy shaving styles

Just like hair on head which can be cut in different styles the facial hair too can be cut and shaved and experimented with to change your looks.

Every now and then some new shaving style is being evolved in some part of the world with a huge fan following to it.

Sometimes this becomes a craze and especially young males in the quest of acquiring a new personality strive desperately to adopt it.

It is an all time fancy to ape the actors- their hair styles, their shaving styles and their grooming mannerisms. If any renowned actor is seen bearded in any of his hit films, his fans zero in at adopting that style. When he is seen clean shaved, that style is adopted too.

So, it basically depends on how you look upon imitating any style- whether you give it a thought as to how far you would look perfect following that style.

Latest Shaving Styles Redefined

As such one can have a clean shaven look or have a mustache or one can even be sporting a fully grown long bearded as long as it matches with his identity and is distinctively appealing.

You may have a goatee surrounding only your mouth and chin or you can do something else to give a unique touch- it is all your way of grooming and conveying yourself.

Just any new and innovative shaving style that suits well with your face and does not stick out oddly is fine.

10 latest tips are here to help you procure just the right kind and style of shave as per your wish while ensuring that you enjoy a smooth and hassle free shave without accidentally hurting your skin:

  • Avoid shaving early in the morning.
  • If possible, use face cleanser to eradicate the dead skin cells and opens up the pores of the skin for a close shave.
  • Stubble should be wet with warm water before shaving.
  • Use a vitamin and Aloe Vera based shaving cream; it soothes and nourishes your skin and protects from the razor-made rashes and burns.
  • Use the sharp blade while shaving.
  • Wash the blade with the tepid water while shaving and use slow short strokes to shave.
  • Always do shave with the grain. It means shaving in the direction of the hair nap or grain.
  • After the shave please do apply an oil-free moisturizer to soothe your skin.
  • Be wary of the mentholated ingredients in the aftershave lotion. You can get a cold sensation obviously using them but at the same time, there is the possibility or danger of developing irritation of the skin.
  • Avoid using Sodium Laurel Sulfate to foam up the product. These irritants may become causatives of skin problems.

Some Renowned Brands in the range of Latest Shaving products

To have a perfect shave in the latest styles, a priority is given to using the latest shaving products too. Today you can get hold of many latest razors, saving gels or shaving creams and aftershave lotions through which you can have a premium shaving experience.

Latest shaving gels have the quality to better lubricate the area to be shaved, deep moisturize the skin and soften & swell the hairs.

After that you shave comfortably with the fine two or three-bladed razors to have a soft stubble-free cheek. After that you can wash your face with the quality-rich face washes.

The Facial Washes recommended for use nowadays contain peppermint essential oil (that cleanses pores), green tea extract (that tones the skin), and olive & jojoba oils (that replenish any lost moisture). Then apply aftershave lotion with an intoxicating aroma.

There’re so many latest shaving products in the market. Some of the premium ones are listed here: Gillette Mach3 Turbo, Gillette M3 Power, Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger and Lacoste, Anthony Logistics Aftershave Balm, Anthony Logistics Shave Cream, Osmotic Male Blue Copper 5 After Shave Balm and  Anthony Logistics MACH 3 Travel.

Using these you can expect to get a gliding shave in any of the latest styles you like. You can even be the pioneer and trendsetter of some new style.

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