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Simple And Unique Gifts For Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day again. And guess what? All over the world, people are tapping away at keyboards, searching for inspiration as they trawl the Internet.

What are they typing into Google? Words like:

“Unique Valentines gift”… or “Valentine’s day surprise”… or “Valentine’s day ideas”.

Of course, everyone wants to surprise their beloved with something truly different! They’re hoping that somewhere out there, tucked away in a corner of Cyberspace, they’re going to find an idea.

Something that will make their Valentine’s Day target really sit up and take notice.

If that’s what you’re doing, you’re going to be pleased that you found THIS. Why? The next few sentences are going to share the secrets of a truly original V-Day gift.

It’s really so simple that you’re going to kick yourself for not working it out for yourself. But we’re wasting time… let’s get down to it. All you need, you see, is a system.

Are you rolling your eyes and wondering if you’ve wandered into a staff meeting by mistake? Never fear. This WORKS.

For the sake of convenience, we’re going to use “she” – but this works just as well for males or females.

== Step 1. Cut Out The Traditional Gifts. ===

Or if you don’t cut them out, at least make them an ‘add on’ to the main gift. A box of chocolates as a warm-up, or red roses as a parting gift… yes, that’s nice.

But puh-lease… don’t rush into the florist at the last minute and buy a bunch of whatever’s left just so she will keep speaking to you.

== Step 2. Work Out What She DOESN’T Want. ==

This is not rocket science. If she hates seafood you’re not going to take her to All-You-Can-Eat-Lobster.

If she is into minimalist decorating then she’s not likely to appreciate Wedgwood vases. If the Three Tenors make her go weak at the knees then she probably won’t be keen on Hip Hop.

The big trap here is buying her something that YOU like rather than what SHE likes. Open your eyes. Make sure you really know what makes her tick.

== Step 3. What Does She Buy? ===

What a girl owns will tell you a lot about what she likes. Does she pore over the jewelry catalogs, or brush them aside in favor of the latest brochure from the computer store?

If she already wears six different chains around her neck and four bracelets and seven rings, you can safely assume she’s REALLY into jewelry.

But if a ten year old watch is the only adornment you can see, forget it.

If she loves sports gear and already has four pairs of cross-trainers, go shopping at the sports store.

If she adores animals, buy something related to her pets – or maybe buy her an unusual new pet, if it will fit into her lifestyle.

Are you beginning to see a pattern here? Yep, “What fits her lifestyle” – that’s the key. Let’s continue…

== Step 4. Think outside the Square ==

Now that you have your list of what she does and doesn’t like (you are making a list, aren’t you?) it’s time to get really creative.

Here are a few examples:

She likes jewelry:- What kind of jewelry will have a special meaning for her? Think in terms of where it’s bought; any tie-ins with days or dates; a unique way you might deliver it.

Can you present it in a way that will never be forgotten? (In the NICEST way, of course!)

She likes hi-tech toys:- Can you add a special song to a new MP3 player? Or present her with a new DVD player plus a romantic movie as a bonus?

(If she’s not into romantic movies – and plenty of girls aren’t: they prefer to live romance rather than watch it! – how about the latest action thriller?)

She likes the outdoor life: If you’re into grand gestures, how about a new kayak plus a river trip organized to go with it?

Or if you’re low on funds… a ticket to a sporting match along with a signed photo of her favorite sports star? (Yes, you do have to plan ahead for that one.)

== Step 5. The Valentine’s Day Follow Up ==

True love is all about thinking of others ALL the time, not just on one day of the year. To be truly unique, why not organize a 12-step St Valentine’s Day surprise – something new on the 14th of EVERY month! The gifts don’t have to be large or expensive.

A foot massage after a tiring day is more welcome than diamonds for a weary girlfriend. Start by giving her a meaningful gift on Valentine’s Day, and accompany it with a note telling her there’ll be another surprise on 14th March… then 14th April… then 14th May…

Do you think she won’t be telling the world how wonderful you are? You better believe it!

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