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Some Hair Loss Tips for Men

It’s better to wipe out the lot from the roots instead of slowly turning bald. For men this can be a style, and for the fair sex, an innovation in style.

Women, you better beware of dogs while walking through the lanes! They can make a mistake.

Fair sex! Actually you can’t opt for this solution and guys who say there’s no remedy for hair loss, get bald out of your choices, though it is absolutely a lie.

In the rush of today’s living style it would be uncommon to find someone not facing this common problem of hair loss.

You can lose hair out of stress, also due to some skin problem, dandruff and above all no time for hair care.

Still hair holds an integral part to shape your beauty irrespective of gender. For women though this matters a lot.

Can you easily bear the shedding of your lovely hair that you have grown over the years?

The health of your hair largely depends on your well being. If you are not internally well, you really can’t maintain the glossy shine of your hair, whether short or long.

Freshness from within leaves the impact outside as well and if the inner part runs through a deficiency, the reflections outside will obviously be a dull one.

What should you really do to prevent hair loss?

Things that you may follow might not promise you that you will stop losing hair thereafter but they will act as a protective coat, if followed regularly in life.

  • 1. Change your food habit. Sounds abnormal? What has my diet to do with the hair? A lot! Stop eating too much butter or oil and add a good amount of vitamins and minerals in your diet.
  • 2. Vitamins that are a must for the growth of your hair include vitamin A, B, C and E. in the B group of vitamins, B6 accounts for the most important one.
  • 3. How do you compensate the loss of these basic nutrients in your diet that on the other hand causes a great damage to your hair?
  • When sufficient amount of green leafy vegetables and fruits are unable to give a positive feedback, it is better to go for some supplementary diets in the form of medication.
  • 4. To control the loss of hair, zinc is very much required in your daily diet. Initially it is better to compensate the loss through mineral capsules then it can be incorporated in the routine meal you take.
  • 5. Try to eat biotin rich food and drinks to supplement the growth of your hair. How does the hair loss occur?
  • Actually the roots of the hair become weak and then the shoot, which means the hair filament, becomes thinner.
  • 6. Biotin deficiency can be overcome through fruits like bananas and low fat milk. Prepare a healthy milkshake with a bare minimum fat content but all other essential nutrients for the hair.
  • Apart from banana and milk add drops of honey and shake it well with yogurt. Yummy! You will relish and supply your hair with effective nutrients.
  • 7. Only eating or taking medicines won’t help. Managing the hair properly through washing and cleansing products and techniques also matter. You can’t ignore them.
  • 8. So, while using shampoo, take care it is thoroughly massaged all over the scalp and also to the tips of your hair.
  • This not only promises clean hair but also enhances the circulation of blood across the scalp. The roots don’t get loose in this way and you will be relieved to not see bunches coming out after each wash.

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