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How Should Men Cope With Stress

How should men cope with stress

Identity crisis, workplace stress and the hyped up mid life crisis are the three major reasons for stress in men. Most of them find it difficult to cope with these crises.

They, especially, find it difficult to come to terms with failure, and are more prone to depression and physical ailments like hypertension and insomnia.

The symptoms are especially severe among those who find it difficult to admit that they are bogged down by stress.

It is therefore necessary to teach the boys from their childhood that it is alright if they fail. They must consider each failure as a stepping stone and strive to perform better.

You must always keep in mind your abilities and capabilities before fixing goals. If you are under constant stress then take the help of a counselor or a psychiatrist. They will help you deal with the psychological symptoms of stress.

You can also go in for alternative therapy like yoga, acupressure or aromatherapy. All these therapies provide a complete healing experience.

They soothe your frayed nerves and bring about a mind and body balance. You get rid of accumulated toxins and negative energy as well. 

Over a period of time the entire thinking gets a makeover and you develop a positive outlook about things in general.

Workplace is responsible for almost 50 per cent of stress among men. Recently conducted surveys have revealed that workplace stress is a major cause for suicides among the working class.

Today nobody is satisfied with an ordinary job and a seemingly normal life. All of us want more, and want it quick. Increasing work hours and the rising work load are major causes of stress.

Another factor is the job insecurity. With the rising competition nobody is sure of how long they will last in the office.

A fear of a junior overtaking you drives people 24/7. Promotion and low salaries and lack of interest in job are other reasons.

The best way to beat this is to believe in your skills. Do not go for overtime. The mind gets tired and you tend to make more mistakes. Some of these can be costly.

Good communication with excellent leadership skills and organizational skill can cut your workplace stress by 50 per cent.

Do not try to do all assignments on your own. It might lead to failures. Hand the charge to others for better results.

Take help when required. Breaks are essential. They give you time to re energize yourself. This will enable you to focus better and achieve greater results.

The much hyped mid life crisis is experienced by every man between 40 and 50. There is a drastic change in the hormonal levels of the body resulting in behavioral changes.

You may not like what you are doing and call it quits suddenly. Mood swings and temper outbursts are common. There is a feeling that you have achieved nothing in life.

It can lead to depression and nervous disorders. Some might blame all the faults on the family resulting in painful breakups.

Counseling is the best solution in such situations. Emotional support from the family too can work wonders.

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