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Help Your Child Fight Stress

Sometimes stress can be mistaken in children as childish behavior. This may not always be true for children too can be affected by stress.

In fact, negligence from the side of the parents can result in long term stress problems that a child will carry into adolescence and later in his adult life.

Children are extremely sensitive to their surroundings and the environment around them. Any minor change can lead to stress.

Traumatic incidents like death of a close family member or a break up among the parents can leave them scarred forever.

Children coming from broken homes or those who have lost their parents are vulnerable to psychological disorders.

It is essential that you maintain a good rapport with your child because a sense of security can help the child fight stress better.

Some of the signs of stress in children are change in appetite and sleeping patterns. It has also been noticed that most children under stress tend to perform poorly in academics. They take little interest in activities that are happening around them

Assess the potential of your child before fixing targets. Your child will be unnecessarily stressed out if he is unable to achieve the targets.

Over a period of time an inferiority complex can set in that he will carry throughout his life.

As a rule never compare your child with his sibling. They are two different individuals and each is good in his own way.

Comparing them can cause negative stress and straining of relationships.

However, comparing your child with his schoolmates can be beneficial provided it is not overdone.

One can notice a lot of behavioral changes also in a child. The child can become overtly aggressive and restless. He might develop a tendency for bullying other children.

Some children, however, close themselves to the outside world. They become quiet, unassuming and fall into depression. Their confidence levels too are poor. Do not push your child excessively.

Allow the child to grow at his pace. Support his decision if he wants to join any activity. Be there to celebrate his small moments.

Children also experience stress due to the hormonal changes that take place in their body as they grow up.

Most of them are unable to deal with it and feel awkward or embarrassed to talk about it. Thats the time when you need to establish a good rapport with them. Try to understand them. 

Listen to their woes and offer good advice. Share your experiences with them. Inform them that they are not the only ones who are experiencing such problems. If it is related to their looks tell them they will be fine once they grow up.

It requires a completely different approach to parenting if you have a disabled child at home.

The causes and signs of stress vary and most often we are unable to comprehend them. Take the help of a counselor for taking special care of your child.

If you are good at stress management then it is likely that your child will draw inspiration from you. He will be much better off handling stress than other children.

If they get flustered and nervous far too fast then you can enroll them in a stress management course. A few tips and tricks will help them enormously.

Encourage them to exercise regularly. Staying healthy and fit will help them cope better with day to day stress.



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