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Some Of The Best And Most Popular Designer Women’s Swimwear

Some women prefer to choose at least one designer swimwear in order to look their best when they are at the beach or at the swimming pool.

There are plenty of popular designer brands, which are suitable both for active women as for women who are just planning to lie down to relax while tanning.

ViX swimwear

ViX swimwear is suitable for the more athletic women or teenagers, it fits very well on women’s bodies and the price is very competitive as opposed to others on the market.

These swimsuits last longer and colors do not fade due to the excellent quality of the fabric used.

This designer swimwear introduces sophisticated embroidery, with touches of suede and mother of pearl trimmings and it fits comfortably due to the seamless styles it comes in.

Salinas swimwear

Salinas swimwear distributed by Marpessa is swimsuits, which are based on the typically Brazilian style. Swimsuits usually come in Lycra fabric and are known for the high-quality materials.

You may find Salinas swimwear in a wide range of prints and styles and can be purchased in most department stores.

Aquaclara swimwear

Aquaclara swimwear is a very particular designer swimwear for it uses special hand-painting techniques and hand embroidery, thus creating unique accessories and prints on the swimsuits.

It comes in various motifs and patterns, which can include several silver applications or gold coatings.

AXM swimwear

AXM women’s swimwear is ideal for a more feminine and romantic look; these swimsuits are sensuous and alluring and will make any woman feel beautiful while wearing them.

This designer swimwear uses luxurious fabrics and enticing details with jewel-toned colors, enhancing the femininity in all women.

Masquenada swimwear

Masquenada swimwear is a pure modern creation representing endless movement; this swimwear is directed to women who are fashion conscious and unassuming, free from any social schema.

The quality of the material and texture is excellent and the swimwear even has splendid accessories such as pareos, pendants, and sandals. It is aimed at a middle-high fashion market and the concept is that of freedom of movement. 

Pinel swimwear

Pinel swimwear has been a big success in the United States for the options and new styles it offers. These swimsuits enhance femininity and are admired for their elegance and sophistication.

Pinel swimwear proposes new colors, textures, and materials with creative and innovative designs.


Sauvage is a long time popular designer brand for swimwear and has been creating unique, exotic, and fashionable swimsuits for some time now.

The swimwear comes in different cuts and styles, including bikinis, one-piece swimsuits, and cover-ups.

Vitamin A swimwear

And finally but not least the Vitamin A swimwear, which presents a superb line of swimsuits, combining sleek and sexy with finesse and functionality.

Many celebrities and models, amongst which are, Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Anniston, and Kate Moss, have worn this swimwear.

This designer swimwear is a perfect blend of sophistication and detailed designs with a glossy style and enticing colors, rendering these swimsuits always fresh and original.

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