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Spring Cleaning 101

The month of March is typically the time when families stop using their heaters. Spring is also known as the start of the season. Many people use this time to get a fresh start in their lives and homes. Spring cleaning is for more than just homeowners.

People residing in townhouses, condominiums, and apartments can also take advantage of this perfect time to remove clutter and organize. While some people will devote an entire week to spring cleaning, only some are fortunate to have such time.

You can spring clean your home in as little as a day and in such a way that it will last longer than the spring season itself. Most people who start a spring cleaning project have good intentions. However, what often happens is that they only do half a job, constantly losing steam halfway through the project.

 Lack of proper planning typically gives rise to obstacles that can thwart your well-meaning intentions. Before you pick up a broom, grab a pen and paper a couple of days in advance and design your plan for the day.

Remember to list the items you will need to perform each task. When you design your plan, make sure you include the functions that each person will perform. You don’t want to neglect to include food in your planning. Pizza or other quick snacks can provide quick energy to motivate everyone to work. You can also play some upbeat music. If you need help with what to list on your plan, the items listed below are ideas to get you started.

 Indoor Cleaning

An excellent place to start your spring cleaning is with actual cleaning. Filters and vents can accumulate dust and dirt particles that can cause them to become clogged. With the hot temperatures of summer just around the corner, the last thing you want to worry about is a broken air conditioner.

Replace old filters and ensure all home vents are free of dust. Excessive dust can also cause allergy problems, especially in young children. Now is also an excellent time to have your carpet steam cleaned. You can pay someone to do the job for you or rent a machine at your local grocery store for less than 40.

Other indoor cleaning tasks include vacuuming your furniture and draperies, flipping your mattresses, and cleaning all your windows. If you have household pets, you should freshen up the area where they spend most of their time. While cleaning indoors, make a note to replace anything you discover that is damaged or broken.

People typically need to pay more attention to the dishwasher, shower curtain, and kitchen cabinets. Be sure to clean these areas thoroughly because bacteria can become a problem and cause many health problems.

 Focusing on the Landscape

What people will notice first about your home is its outside appearance. Remove any weeds that have accumulated in your garden or your yard. If most of your foliage is dead, replace them with bushes and bright spring flowers. Although you probably already mow your yard regularly, pay attention to doing so during your spring cleaning.

 Getting Organized

There are two areas of a home that most people need help keeping organized: closets and garages. It is just too easy to store excessive things in these areas.

Spring cleaning is a perfect time to go through both areas and throw away anything that you no longer need or want. You can put these items in a bag and give them to charity.

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