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Starting A Business As A Children’s Party Planner

So you would like to go into business for yourself but don’t have a lot of startup money. You might want to consider being the person who organizes and provides children’s birthday parties.

Just think, you would have a job that is all fun and games. Well, maybe not quite that, but it sounds good.

Nowadays, when for most families it takes two incomes to pay the bills, getting ready for a child’s birthday party can be rather a hectic time and many parents have resorted to taking their child and their child’s guests to a fast food joint for a party, rather than having the traditional kid’s birthday party.

For the same amount of money, maybe even for less in order to be really competitive until you become known, you could offer them a much nicer party, with a clown or a magician and with games in a more traditional style.

With a bit of searching on the internet, you could learn enough to be a pretty good clown or magician.

If you’d rather not play this part, chances are you have a friend or family member who, for a cut of the money, would be ham enough to jump at the chance to do this and would be really good at it.

If you have the room at your home, you might even want to give parents the option of you coming to their home or bringing the children to “the party place“.

This has endless possibilities. If you have a large backyard, you might be able to create a portable miniature golf course that could be set up and dismantled easily for older children’s parties.

Oh, not on the level of the commercial miniature golf courses of course, but something that would certainly be impressive and enjoyable for a child’s birthday party.

This is the kind of home business in which you well might be able to involve your children also. You might be able to hire them as junior assistants.

They would probably be much more amiable to the idea of their things being used for the parties if they felt that they were a part of the business.

And they would be apt to be on their very best behavior if they felt that they were contributing rather than possibly feeling that they were in competition with these other children for mom’s or dad’s attention and what child wouldn’t love to live at “the party place”?

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