Starting MLM? The Toughest Problems You Might Face

Starting MLM? The Toughest Problems You Might Face
Starting MLM? The Toughest Problems You Might Face

Apart from numerous practical hurdles, there is also a psychological problem that you may face at the time of starting an MLM business.

Many people come into this line thinking that they’re working too hard in their office job. They’re driven too hard by their boss.

They want to be free for some time, to be able to work or not work, as they like. They think of MLM as an easy way to get rich in no or little time.

These people are surprised and somewhat dismayed when they find that in MLM they are working at least three times as hard as they did in their office.

Yes, unless you’re the type that can’t work at all unless you’re whipped by the boss and chained to your desk, you’ll see that that you are a much harder boss on yourself than any other person could ever be.

Threats and compulsion get a job done, but the lure of money is a much stronger motivator. You’ll be working to generate your own profit, and that’ll really make you go.

So prepare yourself mentally before coming to MLM. Don’t think you’re escaping 9 to 5. What you’re really coming away from is the boredom and unrewarding nature of your regular job. Here in MLM you’ll work hard, but you shall be more than adequately compensated for it.

A great practical problem you have to face is rejections. Cold calling on prospective recruits is standard procedure, and you have to face the hazards.

People will be rude to you, even extremely offensive at times. You need to be mentally prepared to handle such.

Also, as you gain experience, you’ll automatically learn to sift the prospects based on the available data and choose only the most probable. This way, there’ll be far fewer rejections and a more favorable hit/miss ratio.

As has been said above, when you join MLM you’ll suddenly find yourself working like you’ve never worked before.

You’ll eat, sleep and dream MLM, and all your waking hours you’ll be thinking about new strategies to incorporate new recruits into your down line network.

You’ll probably also grow unsocial because you shall have little time to devote to your friends and family.

But beware of this pitfall. A person cannot live on money and down lines alone. However strongly you need to add a few more fresh workers to your down line this weekend, learn to set aside some time for your near and dear ones.

People earn money so that they can enjoy life. If earning becomes its own goal, then there’s no point to it you might as well stop working and live on aid.

Also, some people become so obsessed with recruiting that they forget the difference between professional and personal environments.

If you start your sales pitch when you’re with friends, soon they’ll start avoiding you. That is not to say that you can’t recruit any of your friends.

You just got to learn the fine shades of mood and atmosphere and judge when your pick-up line will be acceptable and when it’ll sound strange and obnoxious.

Like any other new field of business, MLM will present its unique problems to you during the first few months.

After you get the hang of the thing, however, you’ll find that it can be one of the most engrossing and profitable lines of business ever.