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Strategies And Plans For Effective Fundraising

Fundraising may sound a difficult Job but if proper strategies are adopted, it can become easy. The First step is to plan a strategy to ascertain:

 a) Whom to Target

b) When to Target

c)  How to Target

Three key tools of fundraising are people involved in fundraising, skills required for fundraising and paraphernalia and technologies used in fund raising.

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To develop a fund raising plan you have to lay down fund raising objectives then calculate your non-profit Fund raising resources after the resources are estimated you need to form fund raising policies to carry out the ultimate fund raising plan.

Communique is important in fund raising. For example making your website is a successful fund raising tool.

 There are various methods of fund raising. Most popular are:

  • Organization can take the support of individual donors. This segment covers 60% of total fund raising.
  • The organization can present the utility of funds to different Foundations and solicit grants from them. In Fact due to tax saving many foundations are looking for organization to donate
  • Plan special events. Today world is of program time may function are held for this. In fact in every big function, some part is always given for donation.
  • One can take the support of media coverage. Tie-ups with good media houses can solve your problem of fundraising. Print media has always been instrumental in these types of activities. They have helped big organization to achieve their goal.
  • Drawing Individual followers: Make your business appear support-worthy. You should recognize what stimulates your supporters. You should try to attract new supporters. To keep the givers generous you should always appreciate their gestures. Try to get more involved with your supporters.

 The aim of the organization should be clearly outlined through

 Print Medium

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  • Newsletter
  • Annual Report

 Electronic medium

  • Website: In Today scenario website plays a very important role. Organization should make complete use of this strong medium. In Fact Website is the face of the organization through which the visitor has the first impression about the organization.

Last but not the least fund raising organizations should also try to maintain the relation intact and live.

This will keep the existing givers giving the funds, these givers should be thanked and have to be made feel SPECIAL.

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