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The Bedroom: Create Your Romantic Paradise

Bedroom is that part of your home where romance begins. Either you are a newly married couple, or a much married couple who want to remodel your bedroom, you will need just a few masterful strokes to create a romantic nest where you can have a fairy tale love life. The ideas below will help you to create this romantic heaven of your dream.

Start your planning with the position of your bedroom. Placing the most beautiful articles of the world  in your room will not make your bedroom romantic if you have to encounter a row of views every  morning that are not aesthetically pleasing. Romance is also not likely to flourish if lots of nerve wrecking sounds are poured into your ears everyday just after waking up. So the location of the bedroom is equally important for heightening your spirit.

If you are going to shift in a new house, first of all check with the position of the bedroom. It should be in the serenest corner of the house. A sunny and airy room with big window that opens up into a garden or from where you catch up with the vast expanse of the sky on your waking up makes for the most romantic bedroom.

Just think of the pleasure of having your morning tea together in the bed while enjoying the greenery outside or simply watching the clouds sailing on the heart of the blue sky.

If you already have a home and just want to transform the bedroom d├ęcor to make it look more romantic, place some window plants or creepers just outside your window pane and see the difference that this plants add to your old bedroom.

Big windows always help to make your bedroom look more magnificent, but be careful that the windows are double-paned so that they prevent drafts from entering in the room when the weather is rough.

Always remember a chilly room cannot set a romantic mood. A warm and inviting bedroom is that which helps to kindle romance in your relationship. For additional warmth, cover the windows with thick curtains and spread a rug on the floor.

Next point to consider is the color scheme of the room. Love is the manifestation of the tender side of our character. So if you want your bedroom to be romantic then incorporate the feel of softness and smoothness in your bedroom.

Even if you are a non believer in the ancient teachings like Feng Shui, you should admit too bright color is stressful for our senses and so avoid a loud color scheme involving red, golden, deep green and likes.

The pastel shades wherever applied create a soothing effects on our senses and is not bedroom the place in the entire house where we take shelter and retire in the loving arms of our spouses after a long days of hustle bustle? The touch of light hues make your bedroom not only aesthetically pleasing, it also tranquils your inner self and helps to spark off romance.

Generally, light orange and light blue are regarded as the most suitable color for your bedroom. Not only on the walls, try to have touches of these two colors on curtains, bed covers, and other accessories of the room to bring out a romantic look and feel.

A room that is overcrowded with furniture and other objects generate a strangulating effect. If in the bedroom your sight incessantly stumbles over gallery of endless articles, your mind will be continuously distracted and romance will fly off the windows.

So give the bedroom a neat look and allow inside the bedroom only those furniture or other things that you cannot do without like a closet or dressing area and of course the bed. Although it is common these days to have a small television set in the bedroom, it works against the rule of romance, because all these gadgets distract your mind from each other.

For that matter, also do not allow other electronic gadgets like computers all these tend to contribute to the production of negative vibrations that are not healthy for a romantic relationship.

Lighting is what sets your mood. Never hang the light directly over the bed and try to use diffused lighting scheme as far as possible. The night lamp should radiate a soft light that aid you to have a peaceful sleep with beautiful dreams.

Bedside lamps are must so that you can turn off or on the light without creating inconvenience of your partner.

Place bedside tables on both sides of the bed so that you can reach out to your respective things like books, spects etc without disturbing the other occupant of the room.

The pictures and artifacts are the best tool in your hand to create a romantic aura. Place your wedding or honeymoon photographs, the photographs of a memorable holiday here and there in your bedroom to constantly take you back to your romantic past; it will help to preserve the passion in your relationship. Also use the artifacts or imageries that reflect bonding.

 Placing a pair of Mandarin ducks or a dancing couple are some of the articles that you can place at your bedside table to get a romantic boost every night.

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