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The Best Way To Prepare For Your First Date

So, you’ve finally arrived on the eve of your first date, and now you’re panicking! Don’t worry, who wouldn’t? After all, this could be the turning point of your life or the biggest deception!

In these cases, it is really important to get the grips on the situation and try not to give this date too much importance in order to avoid a letdown.

But, on the other hand, you should try and gain as much pleasure from it, for this person you are going to meet might in fact be just the one for you!

It is true that it is difficult to find the right equilibrium between the two states of mind, simply take care of the physical aspect and then worry about the rest, when the time is right and when you have finally met your date.

First of all relax, find the right way to free your mind from any nervous tension, you may choose to exercise, practice yoga, walk or listen to music, anything that can get your mind away from this approaching date, then you can go on and take care of your body.

Hygiene is crucial if you want to succeed on your first date, after all you would also appreciate cleanliness from your date.

Clean teeth and fresh breath is probably the most important element to take into consideration.

What if you kiss on your first date? So, make sure you brush your teeth thoroughly and rinse with mouthwash.

Take time to soak in the bath with pleasant smelling salts or bath oils, make sure they aren’t too overwhelming, something fresh and natural.

Once you’ve taken your bath or shower, moisturize your skin with a fragrance or oil in order to keep fresh and pleasant smelling all through the day. Don’t forget to use deodorant!

Choose a clean outfit, something very nice, but also something you will feel comfortable in, do not overdo the outfit, for you don’t know what your partner will be wearing, you wouldn’t want to embarrass your date.

Make sure that you take money with you before you leave to pay for the tab, if necessary.

Usually it’s the man who pays for the dinner as a custom, but sometimes people feel more comfortable to share, the first time out.

Once you’re with your date have something prepared as an ice-breaker, just to start off the conversation, you will find that after the first few words, things tend to get better and conversation will come naturally.

Keep to general topics, such as sports or music, for once you get to know each other you will learn to appreciate what your date prefers to talk about and vice versa.

If events unroll quickly and you are both extremely attracted to one another and cannot help but sleep together on your very first date, don’t feel you’re doing something wrong, just make sure you protect yourself.

No matter how much you like this person, you still don’t know much about them, so make sure you have safe sex, by bringing a condom with you just in case.

In general, try and act as naturally as you can, be yourself, do not go overboard or be overly timid, be honest right from the start, this is the best way to start a relationship on the right foot….and remember your date is probably having exactly the same problems as you!

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