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How To Share Pictures

Any image taken from a digital camera can be shared with friends and relatives provided the weight of the image is low.

A high-resolution picture not only takes a large time to transmit but can also clog e-mail boxes of recipients. The same is true of large-sized photographs.

It is always advisable to size a photograph. There is no point in sending an image that is 2048 pixels x 1536 pixels by e-mail.

This picture will not even fit on a 17-inch monitor. The recipient will have to scroll the picture up and down to see the entire picture. So, what is the point of sending such a huge picture?

You can size a photograph on the camera itself before transferring it to the computer or you can transfer the image to the computer and use an image editing software like Adobe Photoshop to crop or resize the image.

The size of an image can be reduced easily by reducing its height or width. Once the image is reduced, it can be easily sent through e-mail or posted on the web.

Another easy way to reduce the weight of a photograph is to reduce its resolution. This can be done with the help of Adobe Photoshop software.

In fact, all web pictures have a resolution of 72. This is the same resolution that you should also use if you want to e-mail a picture.

It is important that you have a clear idea of the size of the reduced photograph. It should ideally fit the monitor of your computer or should be less than it.

Also, you should avoid sending too many photographs as an attachment. This too will block a lot of e-mail space available to the recipient.

If the recipient is using a small mailbox then it is quite possible that the mailbox may get jammed.

In this case, you should become a member of a photo-sharing site like or

These sites allow members to post scores of photographs free of cost. The hyperlink of the page where the photographs are hosted can then be forwarded to your friends and relatives.

They can click on the link and see the photographs. The recipient will thank you for being sensible and not jamming his mailbox. You will also achieve your objective of showing the photographs to your friend.

Another way is to host the photographs on your website. To do so, you may need the help of web professional who can design and code the website for you.

This may initially cost you some money in the initial stage but later can become a useful place to store photographs.

Another option is to go for an online printing service like Club photo. At an annual charge of 25, it offers an online album to display your photos.

Your friends can also get print outs of your photos, not just on paper, but on mugs, calendars and cards too.

The Internet has so many exciting ways of sharing your photos with your friends and relatives. It is fast and reliable and the most fascinating thing is that it’s becoming cheaper by the day.

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