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The Different Styles And Trends In Women’s Sleepwear

Nowadays women’s sleepwear is no longer thought of as just the regular nightgown or pajamas, there is such a wide selection of different types of sleepwear, from the classic nightie to camisoles and boy shorts.

Women now tend to prefer more comfortable or sensual sleepwear and will choose soft cotton knit for something they can lounge about in and go to bed with.

For a sexier look, you can pick out the sheer and clingy nightgowns with lace and trimmings, or the popular baby doll lingerie and negligee.

Other types of women’s sleepwear include nightgowns, which can be floor-length or hip-length, as well as full or straight down with slits.

They can also have long sleeves or be sleeveless, with the added advantage that they do not feel tight on the waist, as pajamas may tend to feel.

Women’s pajamas can be short-sleeved for the summer or even sleeveless, as well as short or long-legged. The favorites come in nylon as they are easy to wash and do not crease up as much as cotton ones do.

Pajamas can also be sexy depending on the style, but usually, the concept of pajamas is that they are warm and comfortable to wear.

Baby dolls are really popular amongst women’s sleepwear, as they are sexy and very feminine; they will always be an all-time favorite, whatever style they come in.

Another category of sleepwear is the robe, which cannot be considered as just a robe, for it comes in several different styles and fits.

You may select a soft white terry cloth robe for warmth and comfort or a kimono robe that wraps right around you, which may come in silk or satin with long ample sleeves. You also have a choice in the flannel bathrobe, which is a classic robe for comfort and warmth.

Kaftans are also considered as women’s sleepwear and are extremely popular for they often come with a front zip which is practical when you have to slip it on quickly; it is in fact a good item to have when traveling for it is extremely practical.

You have a great selection of patterns and bright colors with kaftans, and they also come with embellishments such as embroidery.

There is even a special line of sleepwear specifically made for women during menopause, it actually moves night sweat away from your body, thus resulting in a better night in bed.

Often, you may find matching nightgowns and robes, which are very elegant and sensual. Nightgowns and robes can cling to your silhouette enhancing your figure and can be much more than just an item of clothing you sleep in.

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