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The Matrix: Path Of NEO – Game Review From A Fan Perspective

After the disappointment of entering The Matrix, Shiny takes a shot at The Matrix: Path of Neo. It is currently taking a beating by gamer magazines and online reviews while fans are still buying and appreciating the continuation of the franchise.

True gamers will hate it. True fans will love it. If you are both, then you will have mixed feelings.

It is only 8-10 hours of gameplay. A decent gamer might be able to beat the game in a day and a half depending on the level of difficulty that they start off with.

The level of difficulty is determined by a dream sequence that NEO has. The dream begins with relatively easy to beat security guards trickling into the lobby scene and continues to crank out harder and harder opponents.

Ten measly hours of gameplay is a major let down for the hardcore gamer who wants to get fully immersed in a game.

It is hard to complain about fighting in the game as it is very cool. As in entering the Matrix, the player can use focus to enter “bullet time” and do amazing super-human feats.

Neo eventually learns to hurl objects using his mind. THERE IS NO SPOON. He can also deflect bullets back at shooters.

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Give Neo a katana and he gets feudal on your button using deadly Japanese sword fighting techniques. Code vision is another cool power.

Fans will appreciate the additional story that features Neo saving people that are targeted by the Matrix.

Neo’s zen-like silence to other characters banter in Path is true to his ongoing enlightenment. Although fans will enjoy interacting with their favorite scenes in the movie, they may find the mixed up edits from each movie in need of structure.

Some of the graphics do not do the game justice as the rendering seems like it is from the late nineties.

Gun control is also somewhat wacky. Although the overall gameplay is much better than entering the Matrix, the graphics do take a little from the game.

The final scene is a great surprise for fans as it is different from the actual movie.

Despite the terrible reviews it has received, a true fan will appreciate The Matrix: Path of Neo even if it is too short to buy.

True gamers will do better to let this one be a mystery as they will find no depth on par with 21st-century gaming.

Hopefully, the next game will be the one that can go toe to toe with games like Metal Gear Solid or Halo.

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